Sephora Haul!

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Back in March, I posted my Sephora Wishlist and told you my uncle was going to the U.S. in April so I was going to ask him to bring me all these goodies from Sephora.

Turns out, he got almost everything on the list, except for the YSL lipstick (the colour I wanted was sold out 😥 )! So here’s my little haul:

1. All Products


Tartelette in Bloom, Tarte

I’d been wanting to try Tarte for years and now I finally got to – and their eyeshadows, nonetheless! I thought this palette was stunning ever since I first laid eyes on it. And then Fleur (from the blog and youtube channel Fleur De Force) went to the U.S., bought it and wore looks from it in a couple of videos and I was even more obsessed with the palette. It’s right up my alley, I’m sure I will wear every single eyeshadow until I hit pan 🙂

I love the packaging: it’s strong, has that huge mirror, it’s quite lightweight and not very big. I can’t wait to be able to wear eyeshadows again so I can experiment with these!


Shade + Light Palette, Kat Von D

I just had to try this palette! Pretty much every blogger and youtuber loves it and keeps raving about it so I had to give it a go. I’m not much of a contour fan (the whole Kardashian look is too much, in my opinion), but I think you can also achieve a softer look with this palette. And I can always use the powders for eyeshadows 😉

Again, I love the packaging. It’s Kat Von D so it had to be unique. I like that it’s quite compact but also quite lightweight. And I love the mirror!


Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lolita’, Kat Von D

I feel like Lolita‘s the most wanted lippie in the world 😛 And I totally get why, the colour is absolutely stunning (I love it even more in person than I did in pictures / videos).

I’m not crazy about the packaging, though – I find the wand too big and the design a tad too much. I still haven’t tried it on my lips but I loved how it applied on my hand. I will report back on it 🙂


Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in ‘Bahama’, Nars

Though I had been wanting to try something by Nars since forever ago, I asked my uncle to bring me this one because Anna (from Vivianna Does Makeup) raved about it in a video and it looked stunning on her.

I love the packaging and the colour, it’s a true Your Lips But Better. Again, I’ve only tried it on my hand but I love how it applied – so smoothly and evenly!


19. Swatches
Left: Nars ‘Bahama’ | Right: ‘Lolita’, Kat Von D


And here’s everything!

20.  All Products


Do you guys own any of these products? I would love to know your thoughts on them 🙂


Alice ♥


31 thoughts on “Sephora Haul!

    1. Thank you so much, dear 🙂 I know, I really am. I love Lolita’s colour but I’m not crazy about how it looks on my lips (maybe they’re just too dry, I don’t know :/ ). I’m loving the Nars lip pencil, though. Totally recommend that one 🙂
      Thanks for reading! Xx

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  1. Great choices – I also have the KVD contour kit & Lolita, they are two of my favourite makeup items at the moment. I’m very jealous of the In Bloom palette – I got the more travel friendly Tease palette when my parents went to Vegas a few months ago, but I really want In Bloom now too!
    Lucie xo |

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    1. Thanks, dear 🙂 I love the In Bloom palette, it’s right up my street. I love every single eyeshadow, the finishes, formula and scent! I totally recommend it 🙂 I’m trying (desperately) to love Lolita since I’m obsessed with the colour, I’m just not a big fan of how it looks on my lips. The contour palette is amazing, I love it as well. It looks so natural and it’s so easy to work with!
      Thanks for reading, dear 🙂 xx


      1. That tends to happen with me for most mattes. The worst is when they’re a light color, which is why I prefer darker ones. I’m sure there’s a lip primer that can help with that.

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      2. I’d only tried one matte lipstick before and I hated it so I was a bit scared to try these ones. I’m so happy with the Nars one, it looks perfect on the lips! I must admit, I’ve been wearing non-stop 🙂 I also prefer the darker ones, they’re more ‘me’ and I believe they suit most people better than lighter ones. I have to search for a lip primer 😉 xx


    1. Thanks, dear 😊 I really am loving the Nars lipstick, it lasts all day long without drying my lips. And the colour is stunning 😍 and I’m loving the contour palette as well, looks so natural! Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

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  2. Fab haul! I love that Tarte palette, it is so gorgeous! One of my favourites! The Nars lip pencils are so nice, I need that shade! The Kat Von D lipstick looks amazing too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, dear! 🙂 that palette is life! I love every single colour, the pigmentation and the scent, it’s perfection on a palette ❤️ the Nars lip pencil was a lovely surprise. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do, since I don’t usually like matte lipsticks. That one is so creamy and it doesn’t leave my lips dry at all! The Lolita is simply stunning, perfect shade and perfect formula ❤️ Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

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      1. No bother! Definitely, it really is a perfect palette! Yes the Nars Lip pencils are super comfortable to wear! I love them! Annoying how Kat Von D is only sold in Sephora since there isn’t any in the UK cause the lipsticks look amazing and Lolita looks so gorgeous!

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      2. The Sephora’s in Europe don’t sell Kat Von D either so we feel your pain 😂 I couldn’t be happier with the products I got, I feel like they all met my expectations (the Nars lip pencil was even better than I expected), and that’s always great 🙂 xx

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      3. We get Tarte online on QVC so its not the most accessible but at least we can access it to some extent! I think they also ship worldwide via their website although I can imagine high shipping/custom fees!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. 😳 I don’t even want to check it out, the shipping fees are going to be out of this world! I think I’ll wait – I really want to visit the US at some point in my life. Maybe by the time I go there, they already sell it in Europe 😂

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    1. Thank you so much, my dear. I had been wanting these products for a very long time and I was lucky enough that my uncle went to the US and bought them for me 🙂 thanks for reading! Xx

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  3. Também queria imenso experimentar algo da Tarte, mas ainda não vi nada que me piscasse o olho, ahah. Essa paleta é a tua cara! E adoro, adoro a cor dos batons! São mesmo giros e também muito tu. (:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Obrigada, Lena 🙂 eu queria experimentar tudo da Tarte, ahah. Desde os blushes, às máscaras, às sombras e às bases :p mas isto foi uma óptima primeira aquisição, estou extremamente satisfeita! É como dizes, é a minha cara 🙂 e os batons também são maravilhosos 😍 xx


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