Going Green-er

Hello, lovelies!

Hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m sharing with you a bit of a change I had in my lifestyle in the past few months. It’s not a radical change, hence the “-er” at the end. I’ve not gone extremist, neither am I choosing the healthier, most sustainable option every single time. But I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to take better care of myself, and of the planet. I’m much more aware of what I put in my body, and on my skin, and of how the products I buy may affect Mother Earth.

Today I’m sharing with you some of the habits I’ve picked up along the way, and I’m also asking to share any tips/suggestions you might have 🙂


This is something I changed a couple of years ago. I was made aware of the dangers of some components present in most deodorants, mostly so Aluminum and Parabens (sadly present everywhere, and not just in deodorants). So ever since I’ve been on the hunt for an effective organic/natural deodorant. Believe me when I say it’s been a long journey! I have, unfortunately, found that most natural deodorants just aren’t effective – at least not on me.

Until my mum found this one:

It’s by a brand called Biork, and it’s their Ecological Deodorant, which is basically a potassium crystal stick. Not only the product itself is of natural origin, the packaging is made out of cork. Which means no plastic, and recyclable. While regular deodorants prevent you from sweating, Biork’s purifies the bacteria in your sweat, which is another reason why it’s so beneficial to your skin.

How do you use it, you ask? You wet the top, then apply it as you would a regular deodorant until you feel it’s dry. You do the same to your other armpit, then wet the top one last time to make sure it’s clean before you dry it with a towel (or tissue paper, but that’s not a green-er alternative 😉 ). Super easy!

Two more advantages in case you’re still not convinced:

  • Doesn’t leave any marks on your clothes;
  • It’s supposed to last between 1 and 2 years!

Organic Skincare & Paraben-free Makeup

As I mentioned above, it’s been a while since I was made aware of the dangers of parabens. But you know how it is, it goes in one ear then straight out the other. Until it finally clicks and you realise the amount of harmful chemicals you willingly put on your skin daily! Which is why I’ve made the decision to stop buying products with parabens and, whenever possible, go with cleaner alternatives.

A brand I discovered recently was Florena Fermented Skincare. I’ve only tried these two products from them but I’ve loved them both. They both smell divine – but in a natural, non-artificial way. The mask is up there with the Origins mask I love so much, I find it to work incredibly well just after a few minutes, and you can see the results for about a week.

The soap is what I use to wash my face every morning, and I thought I’d give it a try as I’d never washed my face with soap. I never apply the soap directly to my face. I let it foam up a bit in my hands, after having wet it, then wash my face with the product that’s in my hands. It’s been a nice addition to the skincare family, and one I look forward to keep on using!

Another brand I’ve been using a lot is Garnier Organics, but I have a whole post planned for them, so keep your eyes peeled for that 😉

Washable cotton pads

Something else I realised was the amount of cotton pads a gal goes through in her life – it’s obscene! So for my birthday this year I asked for re-usable/washable cotton pads, along with an essential oils diffuser (carry on reading to find out more about that). My mum offered me these adorable ones but, to be completely honest, I find that they waste a lot of product. I use them to apply my toner and tonic, and I found myself having to add more product so that it would actually apply it to my face.

Another alternative I found was unbleached, organic cotton pads, over at my local supermarket. These are great, and I feel like a better alternative than the “classic” cotton pads – though still not a perfect alternative as they’re single-use.


I was also conscious of the fact that toothbrushes are entirely made out of plastic, so I wanted to give natural toothbrushes a try. I’d actually bought one at my local supermarket, but my mum sent me this gorgeous one for me to try. I love everything about it, from the colour, to the materials and the packaging (also sustainable).

Essential Oils Diffuser

Before I used to always have a few diffusers throughout the house: an automatic one, a stick one, you name it, I had them all! But then I started learning about the effects it has on your health, and started thinking about how they’re artificial, made out of harmful chemical ingredients.

For years I was sceptical of essential oils in general. Until someone I worked with had an essential oils diffuser in her office. It was always lovely going to see her (in said office), it always smelled so nice and made me feel calm and relaxed. So I put my scepticism aside and asked for one for my birthday. I was over the moon when I got it, and immediately went on a search for the perfect oils to get.

So far I’ve bought a couple of sets off of Amazon, which include scents like jasmin, cherry blossom, rose, geranium, freesia, white tea, and gardenia. I’ve got my eyes set on a neroli oil that I simply must try!

More Veggie Meals

One thing you need to know about me is that I love to eat. For me, one of life’s greatest pleasures is a good meal, even more so if it’s shared with people you love. I’m a foodie. I absolutely love food, to try new dishes, to eat classic Portuguese dishes (which are not light in any way, shape, or form). But I started feeling that I was eating far too much meat (and fish), and started searching for veggie meals – other than a salad. I’ve not gone 100% vegetarian, and I don’t think I ever will, but most my weekly meals now are veggie, and I feel much better!

On top of these, I’ve also been mindful of the waste I generate, and trying to reduce my carbon footprint. Moreover, I’ve been purchasing less and cleaner detergents (pun intended) as well. Other things I am conscious of and want to change are period products and get a sustainable razor. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Also, how to you feel about all of this? Have you gone through the same as I have? Do you have any veggie recipes to share?

Thanks for reading!


Alice ❤

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