Autumn Essentials!

Hello, lovelies!

How are you feeling today? This post is about the things I cannot live without during Autumn. As I told you in a previous post, I just love this time of the year. I love the warmer clothes and colder weather, the hot drinks, the colours (of the clothes, the lipsticks, the leaves)… 🙂

Starting with make-up…

  • Blushes
Breath of Plum, MAC
Cubic, MAC

For this time of the year, I tend to reach for deeper blushes, like these two. The first one is, as the name suggest, very plummy but it has a cool undertone so I do not reach for it very often.

On the other hand, I have recently fallen back in love with Cubic. I used to love this blush for over a year, refused to apply any other, but then I discovered Kiko and I stopped reaching for this one, since the Kiko one was much more pigmented. But I have rediscovered this blush at the end of September and fallen back in love with it! ❤


  • Eyeshadows
Eyeshadow Palette, Sephora
Naked 3, Urban Decay
60 Matt Aubergine, Make Up Factory

Once again, I tend to go for deeper, darker eyeshadows, and I also tend to create more “elaborate” make-up looks during the colder months. Does that happen with anybody else? I feel like, during the summer, you only need a bit of foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, mascara and a brighter lip and you are good to go. During this time of the year, however, I feel like doing the darker (and more intricate) eyes and lips.

  • Lippies
1. 1995, Jaclyn Hill for Gerard Cosmetics
2. Amorous, MAC
3. Twig, MAC
4. Creme in Your Coffee, MAC
5. Beurre, MAC
6. 20 Dusty Rose (Rouge Infusion Lip Stain), Sephora


As I told you before, I tend to go for a deeper lip colour during the colder months and these are my top choices. I love how they are all a mix between a berry/wine colour and your typical “your lips but better” colour, only a touch darker.


  • Perfumes

{A2225E69-DAC0-465A-9765-8CC90D8C375C}_{0D8C518B-A42C-4F34-B0F7-59A364FCAD1B}_jadore-pag-produto 98465m_lnd.23637colonia-hello-kitty-zara-bolsomy-burberry o.24999

I tend to bathe – figuratively speaking, of course – in less fresh, more musky scents during this time of the year. But my favourite perfume for this period is most definitely L’Eau Par Kenzo (Mirror Edition), by Kenzo. Though I am under the impression that it was limited edition and that makes me soooo sad because I am almost half way through mine 😦

Moving on to fashion:

  • Jackets




  • Scarves and Hats




I LOVE scarves! They might just be my favourite accessory. Wait, do shoes count as accessories? 😛 I just love how a nice scarf can make the look, take it to the next level. And as people generally tend to wear darker clothes during this time of the year, a scarf is a nice way to add a pop of colour and make the outfit stand out 🙂


Food and Drinks

  • Food
Roasted chestnuts (picture from the BBC website)
Pomegranates (picture from Dr. Fuhrman’s Website)

These are the two things I am always dying to eat whenever Autumn arrives. I just love them both 🙂 ❤


  • Drinks

20150222_152736~2 IMG_20150930_174334

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am quite obsessed with tea (if you have not read that post, just click here)! But I also love going to Starbucks… Last year they had a Toffee Nut Latte that was to die for!! And this year they finally have the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte and it tastes like cookies, it is soooo good! (If you do not know this, things take a while to get to Portugal…)


And that is it for my Autumn Essentials! Thanks for reading all of that 🙂 What are your essentials for this time of the year?


Alice ❤

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