Brand Review: Garnier Organic

Hello, lovelies!

I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on a few products from Garnier Organic. I first heard about this range from my mum, who was trying out a few of their products. As I got more and more into my organic/vegan skincare (more about it here), and found these products at my local supermarket, I decided to give them a try.

Let’s start off with their Argan Multi-use Rescue Balm. Thanks to my eldest (cat), I had a few scratches on my forearm, some of which were a bit more deep. Given that I wanted to avoid getting scars as much as possible, and I had an allergy going on at the same time, I decided to try this one, applying it to both my scratches and to my allergy patch. I was shocked with the results! My allergy, which had been driving me up the walls, was instantly much better. The following day it wasn’t as swollen, and I didn’t feel like scratching my hand until it fell off! In a couple of days the allergy was completely gone! The scratches took a bit longer, and there is some scarring. But I would definitely recommend having this one in your cabinet, just in case!

Let’s talk about their Lemongrass Gel Wash! I know one’s not supposed to wash the face in the shower, and I don’t whenever I’m not washing my hair. But this cleanser lives in my bathtub, and I use it as my second cleanser (I start by removing my makeup with the Body Shop’s Camomille cleansing balm). I’ve heard some people complain about this stinging their eyes, but I haven’t noticed that – I also avoid the eye area, maybe that’s why. The fragrance is rather strong, so if you don’t like lemongrass, or just heavily-scented cleansers in general, I would avoid it. But I think it’s a nice cleanser that gets the job done!

THE. STAR. OF. THE. SHOW!! ⭐ To say I love this face mist in the understatement of the year. This is the best hydrating face mist I have ever tried! It’s their Argan Hydrating Mist and, honestly, you’ll see the difference in your skin in just a couple of days! The mist is super fine and just spot on, and the best thing is that it does what it claims to do – it hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and plumped. Oh, and the scent is just divine! If you can, get your hands on one of these – you will not regret it!

Another product that works wonders, and which has made a clear difference to my skin, is their Thyme Perfecting Toner. After just a few days of applying it to my skin, I stopped breaking out, my pores were less visible, and I’ve barely had a spot since (only those induced by my lack of willpower to resist to desserts). The scent isn’t overpowering, but subtle and “clean” (excuse the pun). I mix this one with Pixi’s Glow Tonic in a cotton pad and apply it all over my face.

This one is the runner-up for best product in Garnier’s Organic range! It’s their Lavandin Glow Facial Oil, and I could see the difference in my skin after just a couple of days. I told my mum about this, she went on to get one for herself, and a few days later I get a text from her saying something along the lines of “there’s no way it works this fast, right? I can’t already be seeing the results, it’s only been 3 days”. It really does improve skin texture, boost glow, and hydrates, all at the same time.

More recently I’ve bought the Argan Face Moisturiser, which I’ve shared in my Autumn Skincare Haul, but I haven’t started using it yet – waiting for it to the weather to start getting even colder!

Have you guys tried anything from Garnier Organic? If so, which product(s) have you tried and what did you think of them?

Thanks for reading!


Alice ❤

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