Spring / Summer Trends For 2017

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Today’s post’s all about the upcoming trends for Spring & Summer. I know, February’s only beginning, we don’t feel like Spring yet, but brands are already flooded with new pieces, and one can’t help but be curious about what’s coming. I have to admit, most of these aren’t really my cup of tea, so I feel like I’ll be like a fish out of water. Oh well, brace yourselves, the list’s long!

Arty Pop


Banker Stripes


Beach Stripes




Deconstructed Lines


Flower Power








Kitten Heels


Leather Fringing


Metallic Finish


Mini Bag


Origami Inspiration


Oversized Shoulders




Polka Dots


Puffball Shoulders




Round Shoulders






Sequins and Shimmer


Seventies Prints


Shocking Pink


Shoulder Cutout


Sleeve Slits


Sports Parkas


Trench Coats




White Shirt Dress




Which trend are you most excited for? Tell me all about it!


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January Favourites

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Can’t believe January’s already come to an end. Time sure does fly! For this month, I haven’t been using much makeup, and I haven’t had many new things to try. Still, I’ve made a list with everything I’ve loved this month, and that’s what I’m sharing with you today. It has a bit of everything: fashion, makeup, skincare, perfume, and a few miscellaneous stuff that you have to read the post to find out what they are…

Beauty – skincare, fragrance, makeup

Intense Moisture Serum, Rituals | Ultra Repair Lip Therapy, FAB | Clean Blossom – Rollerball

I’ve finally been reunited with my miracle worker, the Intense Moisture Serum by Rituals. Every time I go a while without it and then start using it again, I’m reminded of its super powers! I can’t praise this serum enough, guys. The difference it instantly makes on the skin’s insane, I’d never had such a product before. Skin looks immediately better (seriously better!), healthy, radiant…just beautiful! I know, it’s a bit expensive, but if you can spoil yourself (or ask for it for your birthday), I strongly recommend you do so!

I’ve been using this lip balm a lot! I got it in a kit, along with their face mist (which I really dislike), but I thought I wouldn’t use it since I have the one from The Body Shop, from the Argan Oil range, that I love so much. Only problem with the one from The Body Shop’s that is one of those that you have to dip your finger in to then apply the product to the lips. And I’m not a fan of that… Which is why I love this one by First Aid Beauty so much, you just remove the lid, apply it to the lips and you’re good to go! And it has a nice, not overpowering mint scent, that’s quite nice. Great product!

Now, this perfume! I bought it kind of on a whim, because it had 50% off, the brand’s name’s ‘Clean’ and this fragrance’s ‘Blossom’: and that’s my type of scent, clean and floral. I searched for comparisons and it said it was similar to Chanel Chance – Eau Tendre, which’s my favourite perfume ever. So it went on my shopping cart and I’m so glad it did, it smells heavenly, a great balance of fresh and floral, and it’s now one of my favourite scents ever!

Fixing Powder, Artdeco | Healthy Mix Foundation, Bourjois | Pro Conceal, L.A. Girl | Liquid Concealer, Wycon

This month I fell back in love with my Healthy Mix Foundation, by Bourjois. It looks so beautiful on the skin, it does make your skin look healthy while also looking quite natural. You can build up the coverage, starting from a light-medium. Depending on which tool I’m applying it with, I apply one (stippling brush) to two pumps (beauty sponge), for a light-medium coverage. It’s a great affordable foundation and I’ve just placed an order for my second bottle.

Then, for concealer, I’ve been loving mixing these two. Since I got the wrong shade of the LA Girl concealer and this one’s a bit too orange, I’ve been using it for colour correcting, to correct the blue and the purple in my dark circles.Then I apply the one from Wycon, which’s quite light and pulls the look together, making it look flawless.

Naked 3, Urban Decay | Roller Lash, Benefit | Eyeshadow Base, Artdeco

Probably because I can feel it running out, I’ve been enjoying every last second of my Roller Lash mascara. This is, without a doubt, the best mascara I’ve ever used! It lifts my lashes, gives volume, length, separation… It does all the things you’d want a mascara to do! I think I’ll be adding it to my Birthday List, because I don’t think I can ever be without it again.

I’ve also fallen back in love with the Naked 3 palette, by Urban Decay. It’s just so beautiful! It’s perfect for everyday, for a night-out, for date night… Pretty much for any look and for any occasion! Some shadows have a bit too much fallout, but I really don’t care because the other ones are worth it.

At the end of last year I placed a little order online and got myself a few new things, one of them being this eyeshadow base by Artdeco. My mother loves it, used it for years, and it had great reviews online, so I thought I’d give it a go. As per usual, it doesn’t really work on my lids, but it works better than most, making my shadows stay on for about 5 hours, which’s much better than the other ones I’ve tried. So that’s why it’s in my favourites, since it’s an improvement.


Nude Scarf, Etam

I got this one during sales, after Christmas and before New Year’s, because I’d been wanting a nude scarf for ages and this one was giant, super warm, super soft, and had 30% off. Only problem: it sheds. But I’ve been wearing it loads!

3 Star Silver Necklace

This one I don’t leave the house without. I love it so much! It’s so me, silver, simple, with 3 little stars. * Insert many heart eye emojis*

Check Flannel Shirt, Uniqlo

Another Christmas present was this check print flannel shirt, by Uniqlo. I love it! It’s a shirt, it’s flannel, it’s check print, and it has my favourite combination of colours: grey, burgundy and blue. I also love the cut and how it fits, it’s perfect!

Nude Suede Bag, Mango

Another thing I’d been wanting for ages was a nude bag. And a backpack. So, I was given this one for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It’s huge, so it fits everything, and it’s beautiful and practical. Love it!


Really, really cold weather

This month’s been really, really cold and I love it! It was like that from the week before Christmas up until this past weekend, we even got some snow showers (yay!). Having spent my entire life in Portugal, I’d never experience such cold temperatures, nor snow like this, so I was super happy with the whole weather situation! I went to this lake on the 1st of January and felt like a kid the whole time, I loved everything and took loads of pictures, was so excited!

Jane The Virgin

This month I binge-watched Jane The Virgin. I’d heard of it before but I never thought I’d like it, since I hate comedy series. Turns out, this one’s not really a comedy TV show, it has a very interesting story line, deep characters, it’s funny but cleverly funny, and I love the narrator.

And that’s it for this months faves. Which were yours? I’d love to know!


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What To Expect From Beauty in 2017

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Today I bring you a post that’s all about what the Beauty industry has in store for us this year. Some of the things I’m very curious to try, but others’re just not for me. Every year I’m like they’ve already invented everything they could possibly come up with, I’m sure there’ll be nothing new. And every year they prove me wrong! I do have to say, some inventions nowadays I just feel like are unnecessary, just trying to create something new without creating something actually useful.

Anyways, enough with me rambling and on with what you came here to read about!

Just a tiny disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures.

Face Masks

For skin care, there's really no better solution than a charcoal mask.

Multimasking Is the Most Efficient Way to Give Yourself a Facial:

Well, face masks in general, with the whole multimasking situation, have been a huge thing since last year. So you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more face masks! Also, face masks lately have been much more high-techy than ever – unless you choose to go diy, that is. And that’s something that’s here to stay.

Gel Lip Patches

The key to luscious lips is going to be gel patches like these.

Well, if Emma Stone’s a fan, they must work! I can’t help but laugh when I see these on, but apparently they’re really good! Some are for restoring moisture / repairing dry lips, others supposedly provide a slight tint to your lips. Either way, I must say I’m curious to give these a go!


2016 Beauty Trend: Non-touring - Makeup For Life:

At last! Non-touring’s been around since around last Summer but it’s here to stay, and this year we finally say a definitive goodbye to contouring! I prefer this one, it’s much more natural, more flattering, younger-looking, skin looks more fresh and healthy, like you’ve just been around in the sun. Love, love, love!

Natural Brows

TheyAllHateUs | Page 2:

Again, so happy that this’ a thing this year! I really didn’t like the harsh, filled, drawn in brow that’s been around for a couple of years. I love the more natural-looking sort of brow, and this one’s just heavenly! As you may know if you’ve read some of my posts, I’m currently waiting for mine to grow back (years of over-plucking will do that to you… Oh! The regrets!), so I’m pleased to hear that the current mess that are my brows’ actually sort of trendy.

Graphic Eye Makeup


I’m not a fan of this one, I have to say. Why can’t we have smokey eyes all year round? They’re much nicer, prettier, sexier! I’m assuming winged liner counts as ‘graphic’… If not, well, I just can’t be on board with this one. Will continue to wear my smokey eyes anyways – #dontfollowtherules!

‘Mermaid’ Eye Makeup

Mermaid Eyes

Ugh, again, don’t count me in. I’m just not that into pastels, let along on the eyes. No, not happening. If you are, though, then you’ll be more than happy to know that this trend’s been huge in pretty much every designer’s fashion show, and will be the trend this Spring!

Very Glossy + Glittery Lips

Very cool, but would never do to myself.:

Ultra-glossy lips I can see happening – for everyday, for a night out. But how are you gonna wear glitter on your lips? I just can’t imagine that scenario. It’s happening, though. This’ll most definitely be one of the Beauty trends for 2017!

Uneven, Messy Curls

No-blow-dry styles are going to be one of the big hairstyle trends.

Well, given the fact that my hair’s curly and I’m quite lazy to do anything with it, my curls are usually uneven and messy. So yay! I just love wavy / curly hair. I think it’s much more flattering and beautiful, suits everyone. So get your curls going this year, because that’s the way to go.

Half up, half down Hairstyles

Top Knot A Half Up Half Down LOOK for Long Hair:

Considering the fact that my hair’s now so short that I can’t put all of it up, whenever I want to put it up, it has to be like this – half up, half down. Happy to know that’s trendy! I don’t really like having hair on my face, so I like to find ways to get it out of there. This one’s great, since you get the best of both worlds!

Metallic Nails

Mirror Nails:

I don’t really paint my nails but these ones look pretty awesome! Metallic nails will be the nails to rock this year, and you can get nail varnishes like these pretty much in every colour, from every brand, nowadays. Just pick your fave!

Silicone Sponges


I’ve just gotten on the ‘beauty sponge’ wagon, now you’re telling me there’s a new one in town? The concept both intrigues me and creeps me out. I just find the feeling of these silicon-y things so weird! However, it’s an intriguing concept, and I’m official curious to see it in action!

Tools for increasing face/neck circulation

12 Beauty Trends That'll Be Everywhere In 2017

These devices to improve circulation to both the face and neck’ll be all around this year. It’s a very interesting product, I’ve seen it before but not for the face. It seems very interesting, though. It’s supposed to make the skin look overall better, healthier. And that always seems like a good idea!

Do you guys know of any other Beauty Trends for this year? Which one are you most dying to try?


Alice ♥

Picking The Perfect Lipstick

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Today I bring you a post that I’ve should’ve written long ago, because it’s something most of us struggle with. How do we pick the perfect lipstick? I know I’ve bought a few that, turns out, don’t flatter me all that much, so they’re just in my lippie bag, waiting for better days to come. Hopefully, after today, none of us will have that problem again!

Step #1: determine your skin tone. Examine your skin in natural lighting to determine your complexion: fair, light, medium, tan, deep.

  • Fair skin: your skin is very pale or translucent and you burn very easily. You may have freckles and some redness.
  • Light skin: your skin is pale. When you are in the sun, you burn and then may possibly tan.
  • Medium: you tan easily and generally don’t burn or have sensitive skin.
  • Tan: your skin is tan or olive. You rarely burn and look tanned even in the winter.
  • Deep: your skin is dark and you never get sunburned. Your hair is possibly black or dark brown.

Then, this is the crucial one: find out your undertoneLook at the colour of the veins on the inside of your wrist. This is a quick way to figure out if you have a warm, neutral, or cool skin tone.

  • Blue or purple veins indicate you have a cool skin tone.
  • Green veins mean you have a warm skin tone.

If you have difficulty deciding if your veins are blue or green, you likely have a neutral skin tone and can choose colours from both the cool and warm spectrum (people with olive skin usually have neutral undertones).

The best colours for each one:

  • If you have fair or light skin, try light pink, coral, peach, nudes, or beige.If you have cool undertones, try a soft mocha and nude. Warm undertones, try pale pinks or a nude with a little peach.
  • If you have medium skin, try rose, mauve, or berry shades. Cool undertones: try shades of pink or cranberry. Warm undertones: experiment with copper or bronze.
  • If you have tan skin, try to avoid browns and purples and go for colours with an orange undertone. Most other colours will look great. Try coral, or deep pink.
  • If you have a deep complexion, try browns or purples like walnut, caramel, plum, or wine. Cool undertones should look for ruby and wine-coloured reds. Warm undertones: try copper or bronze
Ver imagem original
I do not own this picture

Choosing the perfect red:

  • Fair or light skin should look for dusty, pinkish red or coral. Cool undertones: raspberry. Warm tones: try reds with a blue undertone or coral.
  • Tan or medium skin should look for bright red cherry red, or true red with no undertone (if you have a neutral undertone). Warm undertones: orangy-red or tangerine. Cool undertones: wine.
  • Deep skin with warm undertones should try blue-based red. Cool: Metallic ruby red or deep wine.

Decide if you want your lips to look smaller or larger. Dark shades will actually make your lips look smaller, while lighter shades can add plumpness.

  • Lipstick with a matte finish can also cause lips to look thinner, while glosses and shimmery shades can make them look fuller.

The best advice I can give you is to always try the lipstick (preferably on your lips) before you buy it, but we all know about the dangers of online shopping, how they look so pretty on the pictures but then they get to our house and they’re actually a disappointment!

Hopefully you find this post helpful and you don’t purchase any more lipsticks you end up not liking, from here on out.


Alice ♥

Most Coveted From The Drugstore

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

I’ve recently been trying out a few more products from the high street / drugstore, but, since I didn’t know which ones were good, worked and were worth the money, I’ve spent some time doing research and I found quite a few products that people swear by!

So, though I haven’t tried most of them, I thought I’d share with you a list of the most coveted products from the drugstore because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good bargain?

I was surprised to discover that there are so many affordable products out there that are actually worth buying, and that work as well as the more expensive ones. So, since it’s a rather long list, grab a snack, a cup o’tea, and let’s get to it.

Poreless Face Primer, e.l.f.

If we’re being honest, I have to admit: I have very large pores. So I’m always looking for products that are going to give the illusion of smaller (or non-existing!) pores, and apparently this one does just that. It also smooths the skin, leaving you with a flawless base for makeup. Think I’ll be adding this one to my ‘To Try’ list!

Fix & Perfect Makeup Primer, Rimmel

Primer from Rimmel that's perfect for any no-makeup look.

I read a review on this primer, from someone who had a combination of Oily and Dry skin – which’s mine as well, sometimes – , that said this primer made her skin feel flawless, hydrated and smooth. Apparently, it’s a gel-cream consistency (perfect for oily skin!) that feels luxurious, expensive. I’m officially interested (and I’ve been needing a new primer…)!

Fit Me – Matte + Poreless Foundation, Maybelline

I think I’ve found myself a new foundation for the hotter months! People say this’ one of the very best foundations for oily skin, leaving the skin matte all day long. Say no more!

Liquid Camouflage, Catrice

This concealer’s supposed to be the best from the drugstore! People say it conceals even the darkest circles – which is enough for me to make me want to buy one straight away. Also, it’s from Catrice, so it’s super affordable. I’ll definitely be giving this one a try!

Airspun Loose Face Powder, Coty

Face powder from Coty that's soft and matte.

I’d never heard of this brand before, but this is apparently one of the very best loose powders out there. Mostly so for people with oily skin, I’ve heard it keeps them matte all day long, setting their makeup perfectly in place. Sounds perfect to me!

Butter Bronzer, Physician’s Formula

I’ve heard both Kathleen Lights and Jaclyn Hill raving about this bronzer, so I wasn’t surprised to read it’s apparently one of the best ones you can get at the drugstore. I wish I could get it in France, because I’m in need of a new bronzer, and trying to find a good one from the drugstore. Also, I’m so curious to smell this one, everybody says it smells like a tropical paradise.

Baked Blush, Milani

I’ve had this one in my Shopping Basket a few times already since I’ve heard to many great things about it and it’s supposed to be the best! People say it leaves you with amazing-looking skin, fresh, glowy, healthy. And they’re super affordable, which makes them all the more tempting to get!

Illuminator, NYX

Honestly, I hate highlighters! Having grown up with oily skin, that had loads of texture, I’ve always ran creaming for the hills for anything that enhanced the things I hated the most about my skin. However, considering that my skin’s been much better lately, I admit I’ve been finding myself wanting to give (subtle, barely noticeable) highlighters a try. I don’t know, however, if this one fall into that category. But it’s supposed to be one of the best highlighters from the high street!

Eyeshadow Primer, Milani

Eyeshadow primer from Milani that works like a dream on oily lids.

Well, you can see the results as clearly as I can. I’ve been searching forever for an eyeshadow primer that will make the eyeshadow stay on my lids for at least more than 5 hours, and I hear great things about it. Also, it just makes the colours pop, which’s another plus.

Color Tattoo, Maybelline

I’ve been hearing great things about these shadows for years, and from so many youtubers and bloggers! They’re supposed to be highly pigmented and last all day on the lids. And the colours they come in are stunning! I’ve been wanting to try these for ages, and this post’s just given me more desire to try them.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette’s supposed to give Naked a run for its money. These shadows are said to blend perfectly, have great payoff, no fallout, and be about 1/4 the price of the Naked ones!

Expert Liquid Liner, e.l.f.

If you’re into your liquid liner – I can only use the pen-like, felt tip ones -, then you should apparently try this one. It’s supposed to be very black, apply evenly and last all day long. And it’s by e.l.f., which means it doesn’t get more affordable.

Voluminous – Carbon Black Mascara, L’Oreal

People say this’ one of the best mascaras – if not the best – from the drugstore. It’s supposed to give your lashes amazing volume, while never, never clumping. Heaven! It might just be my next mascara…

Microbrow Pencil, NYX

I’ve actually been tempted to buy this one. It’s apparently a great dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz, the most raved brow pencil ever. I’ve read great things about it and, if I ever end up getting myself a brow pencil, it’ll definitely be this one!

Make Me Brow, Essence

Apparently, this ‘eyebrow gel mascara’ is a great dupe for the Benefit’s Gimme Brow, which I’ve loved! This one’s suuuuper affordable, and works just as well (according to the internet, that is). I’ll be giving it a try for sure!

Butter Lipstick, NYX

If you like your creamy lipsticks, then I hear these are the ones to try! People say they’re both glossy and moisturising, so they’d be great for this time of the year, when we all want our lips to be even more hydrated than normal.

Pretty much anything by Color Pop!

This one’s a no brainer. I’ve been hearing so many great things about Color Pop, about how pigmented and easy to blend their shadows are, and about how their liquid lipsticks are so easy to apply and last all day on the lips. I’ve been dying to try their products!

Makeup Mist & Set, e.l.f.

Setting spray from e.l.f. that puts your makeup in place even when the rest of your body is melting.

This setting spray supposedly sets your makeup in place all day long, even in super hot days, when it feels like the rest of your body’s just melting. I think I’ll be giving it a try during Summer, when my skin tends to get oily.

Miracle Complexion Sponge, Real Techniques

A blending sponge from Real Techniques that gives you flawless coverage.

This one I have and I can say it’s worth every penny! Super affordable, it leaves your skin looking like itself’s best version, healthy, flawless. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, just give it a go, you won’t regret it!

EcoTools Brushes

I hear nothing but great things about the EcoTools’ brushes! Next brush I need to buy, I know I’ll be looking at these. They’re comparable to the more expensive, luxurious ones, but super affordable instead. Also, if properly taken care of, they’ll last for years. What’s not to love?

Dry Fast Top Coat, Seche Vite

Everyone raves about this product! Personally, since I don’t really paint my nails, I wouldn’t buy it, but it just makes your nail varnish dry faster and look shinier and, overall, perfect!

Have you guys ever tried these products? I’d love to know your opinion!


Alice ♥

Tiny Skincare Haul

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope everything’s fine and you’re having a great week so far.

Today I’m sharing with you yet another little haul. This one’s tiny, though – I really didn’t buy much. I was in need of a mascara, since my Roller Lash‘s about to meet its maker, and I took the opportunity (and the discounts) to buy myself a couple other things I’d been wanting for a while.

Oh, and just a few days after getting these products, I ran out of my hydrating serum. Since the one I knew I was getting for Christmas still hadn’t arrived, I bought myself a different one, which I still haven’t used since they ended up arriving the same day and I’ve been using my Rituals one ever since.

But here’s all I got:

Lash Sensational, Maybelline | Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Wipes, Garnier | Freshen Up Kit, First Aid Beauty

Freshen Up Kit, First Aid Beauty

No, I didn’t really need another lip repairing type of product. I did need, however, some sort of hydrating mist, since it’s Winter and I was without my miracle worker (aka the Rituals’ serum), so in desperate need of more sources of hydration. Since this little kit was the same price as the mist alone, I thought I’d better take advantage of that and order myself this little kit.

I’m so glad I did, because I love the lip balm much more than the face mist! The mist has, in my opinion, a terrible, disgusting scent – like cough syrup but even worse. I have to make an effort not to breath in while I’m waiting for the scent to disappear. So, needless to say, I haven’t been using it much. I do notice that my skin’s been much, much better, though I couldn’t say if it’s because of this little product or my miracle serum.

The lip balm really does work! It’s up there with my Body Shop one that I love so much. In fact, this one having an applicator and there being no need for me to stick my finger in the product to actually apply it, make this one my favourite. It smells minty, but toothpaste-like, subtle mint, not the overpowering one.

Overall, I’m really glad I bought this kit, mostly so if we consider the fact that it only cost me €10 / $10,65 / £8,75!

Lash Sensational in ‘Ultra Black’, Maybelline

I’ve heard so many great things about this mascara that I just had to give it a go. I’ve only used it once, and without curling my lashes in advance, but I was a bit disappointed. Of course, I’ve been using the Roller Lash for two/three years, and I’d used the They’re Real before that, so my standards are quite high. But I didn’t feel like it gave them the lift I wanted – well, needed it to. I’ll continue to use it, though, and report back.

Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Wipes, Garnier

Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Wipes, Garnier

After hearing Fleur De Force raving about these wipes for quite a few times, I just had to get them – and made my mother-in-law get them as well. Honestly, I haven’t been wearing makeup much these days, and I still had my old wipes to finish, so I still haven’t tried these ones. But my expectations are high!

Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum, First Aid Beauty

Again, still haven’t tried this one, since it got here on the same day as my Rituals’ one, which takes preference over any other serum. I’m saving this one for when I run out of the miraculous one. I’ll be asking for it again for my birthday but, since it’s a long time from my birthday until Christmas, I think I’ll be using this one during that period. Or when I run out of my night-time serum. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. Just hope it doesn’t have the same scent as the face mist!

That’s it for my haul! Have you guys tried any of these products? I’d love to know your thoughts on them!


Alice ♥

What I Got For Christmas – 2016

Hello, lovelies!

How are you all doing? Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Today I’m sharing with you what I got for Christmas. I know, I’m so late to the party, but since I didn’t go home for Christmas this year, I had to wait for the presents to get to me. And it took a while!

Also, I’m only sharing the Beauty / Fashion-related presents, since I feel like these are the ones that really make sense to share here on the blog (figures you won’t be too interested in seeing the hot water bottles I got…). And there’re also a few things I ordered online on Black Friday that I’d ordered to go home, so then I had to wait for those to get here as well. So I thought I’d just share everything on this post.

Just a quick apology: as with the previous post, it’s been raining non-stop so I had to take most of these pictures inside, with bad lighting, not a decent background, and with the selfie camera on my phone, so the quality isn’t the best.

On with what I got!

Intense Moisture Serum, Rituals


Since this is the only product in the’Beauty’ department, and since it’s such an amazing one, I figured it be a great way to start things off. This’ my 3rd bottle and I ask for it every Christmas and birthday. It’s, simply put, the best product I’ve ever applied to my face! Makes such a difference, skin’s clearer, more hydrated, silky, smooth… Just looks healthier and better. It’s not affordable, but if you can splurge, your skin will thank you!

Giant nude scarf, Etam


This one I bought on Sales, but thought I’d include it here anyway. I’d been wanting a nude scarf since I can remember and this one’s the perfect shade, it’s so soft, and it’s huge and warm. Also, it had a 30% discount so I bought it for about €13 / $13,80 / £11,40 – which I find such a bargain for this type of scarf! I’ve been wearing it loads.

Silver 3-star necklace


I’m obsessed with this necklace! It’s so me, so beautiful. It’s starts, it’s silver, and it’s simple. What’s not to love? I don’t leave the house without it!

Flannel Check Shirt, Uniqlo

Again, obsessed! I love this shirt, it’s so me. Check print. Shirt. Blue, gray and burgundy (my favourite colour combo of all time). Fits perfectly. I could live with about three of these in my wardrobe, so I could wear them every single day!

Cosy ‘Christmas’ Jumper, Mango

I don’t feel like it’s a jumper that you could only wear for Christmas, but I can see why some would feel that way. For me, it’s the most beautiful jumper, I love everything about it. The colour, the pattern, the feel, the neck, the fit… Perfect!

(Faux) Leather Jacket, H&M

I’d been wanting a leather-ish jacket for a while and my boyfriend gave me this one, from H&M. I love that it’s simple, with silver details, and the cut’s very flattering. I can’t wait for the weather to be more ‘leather jacket appropriate’!

Black Midi-Skirt, Mango

This’ one of the things I ordered on Black Friday and turns out it’s slightly sparkly. Was not expecting that! However, I do love it – it’s a black midi-skirt after all. This’ actually the outfit I wore on Christmas Eve, and I love it. Can’t wait to start pairing with with more Spring-y looks!

Nude Suede Backpack, Mango


I’m so obsessed with this one! I’d been wanting both a nude bag and a backpack for ages, and I’d been in love with this one ever since the Autumn / Winter collection started hitting the shops, back in August. Finally, I have it, and it’s perfect!

Denim Shirt Dress, Mango

Though it was a gift, I ordered this one on the Black Friday sales. However, I thought it had long sleeves and it’s quite a light fabric, which I wasn’t expecting either. So I’m saving it for Spring, which’s why it’s super wrinkly, since I’ve been keeping it stored. I do love it, and I think it’ll also work really well opened, with a top or tee underneath and paired with some jeans or trousers.


Alice ♥

New Hair – I’ve Gone Short!

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you’ve all had an amazing week!

Well, last week I went and done it – I went to the hairdresser and got myself a new look! I was going to do so in Portugal, during the Holidays, but since I didn’t get to go home, I had to do it here, in France. So, since my French still isn’t the best, I showed pictures of what I wanted, which was the same cut I got at the end of Summer (here).

However, I have to say it turned out quite shorter than I wanted. It’s okay, I don’t really mind – my hair grows super fast so it’ll get to the length I wanted in the blink of an eye. It’s taking some getting used to. It’s different to style, the curls don’t blend seamlessly like they used to so sometimes I look like a crazy person.

What drives me nuts is that I can only sleep with my hair out of my face (normally up in a ponytail), but it’s so short that I can’t. I put half of it up, the rest I try to tame with hundreds of bobby pins.

Anyway, sorry for the long ramble and on with what you came to see: my new hair!

I apologise for the poor quality but it’s been raining non-stop so I had to take the pictures inside, with poor lighting.


What do you guys think of the new look? Also, would you go this short?


Alice ♥

Brown Smokey Eye + Nude Lips

Hello, lovelies!

How are you all doing? Today, as promised on Monday, I bring you the post all about the makeup look I was wearing on my previous post. If you haven’t read it yet, it was a First Impressions on the products I bought recently, and you can read it here.

So today I’m sharing with you the remaining products I used to achieve the look. It was the look I wore on Christmas Eve, and one I’ve worn quite some times afterwards already, since I love it so much. It’s just flattering – for all skin tones, eye colours and shapes -, suitable for everyday of for a night out. The most versatile look I’ve ever shared here on the blog, probably. And you could pair it with a bold lip or a nude one, which’s what I went for.

Here’s everything I used:


Base Products

I’ve already shared with you most of the steps I followed on Monday’s post (here), but for foundation I went with Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Foundation, since I wanted light to medium coverage and a ‘healthy skin’, natural finish. For bronzer / contour I used the same I always do, Benefit’s Hoola. Then I applied a touch of blush with the ‘105 Dark Rose’ blusher by Kiko.

Eye Products
Naked 3, Urban Decay

For eyes I chose the Naked 3 Palette, by Urban Decay, and went in with the shade ‘Nooner’ (a deep mauve) on the crease. Then I drew a very messy, medium thickness line with my black pencil (Khôl & Contour in ‘ultra black’, Bourjois) close to my top lashes, and on the outside corner of the lower lash line as well. After that, applied ‘Mugshot’, the most stunning, metallic brown in the world! I did that with the Cream Shader brush by Zoeva (see Monday’s post), which I’ve also used to smudge the black pencil I’d previously applied.

I then added a tiny bit of ‘Strange’, the lightest shade in the palette, to the inner corners and topped the whole thing with two coats of mascara – Benefit’s Roller Lash.

Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in ’61 Naked’, Milani

For lips, I chose to go with this one, since I wanted a ‘your lips but better’ sort of colour and I thought this one was exactly that. Turns out it wasn’t, it was more on the nude side of the spectrum, but I like the way it went with everything else.

Here’s the final look!


What do you guys think? Would you wear this look?


Alice ♥