New Favourite Nail Polish!

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? For those of you who know me better, this will come as a surprise: I bought a nail polish! I hardly ever use anything on my nails and I never use a colourful nail polish (I only apply strengthener). But I’d heard such great things about the OPI polishes that I wanted to give them a try so I bought one 🙂

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I know, I know, it seems like I have nothing on my nails but that’s precisely why I love this polish so much. I only applied one layer and I think it looks elegant and soft and pretty. It shows that you take care of yourself while being delicate and subtle. I’m absolutely in love with it ❤

What about you, guys? What are your preferences when it comes to nail polishes? Do you like a subtle, neutral nail like me or are you more bold and like strong colours?


Alice ❤

5 thoughts on “New Favourite Nail Polish!

  1. I love nail polishes but I hate spending a lot of money on them, that’s the only reason why I haven’t tried any of those brands everyone raves on and on.
    And gurl, srs, if u be waisting money on fancy nail polishes make that colour pop! xx

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    1. I hate seeing colour on my nails so even if I’m splurging, it’s going to be on something that doesn’t show much. I love seeing it on other people, though. And love the colours for Spring and Summer, all the pinks and pastels and corals *.* just not on my nails 😛 Xx


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