Benefit’s ‘Gimme Brow’ VS Kiko’s ‘Brow Mascara’: Which is Better?

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with a comparison between two similar products: Gimme Brow (Benefit) and Eyebrow Fibers – Brow Mascara (Kiko).



Let’s start with ‘Gimme Brow’…2 3 4

I love this product! I actually included it in my “Holy Grail Beauty Products” post a few months ago and I still love it as much as I did the first time I ever applied it on my eyebrows.

The tiny wand has the perfect size, in my opinion. It lasts for a long time (both the actual product and on the brows) and, for me, it is the perfect colour!

However, it only comes in two colours (this one and a lighter one), so there are bound to be people who will not be able to use it simply because the colours are not right for them.

And it is quite pricey! It sells for $24 / £18,50 (cannot find the price in Euros anywhere but I believe it is between €20 and €25), which is definitely not affordable!

So, if you can and want to spend the money on it, go for it, it really is a great product! Just try it at the store first to see if it matches your eyebrows 😉


Moving on to the ‘Eyebrow Fibers – Coloured Mascara’:

5 6 7

This is also a great product! I have only been using it for the past month and I bought it because I am running out of my Gimme Brow and cannot afford to purchase another one of those.

You can choose from six colours (which is great for a high street brand and better than Benefit), from light blond to redheads, to brunettes and blackhaired! How amazing is that?!

Another great thing about it: it is affordable! It sells for €7,20 / $10 / £7,20, which is amazing!

The two things I do not like about it are:

  • The wand is too big, I like the Benefit one better.
  • The consistency. ‘Gimme Brow’ is a bit more waxy, this one is a bit more on the liquid, runny side. But it looks amazing on the brows nonetheless!


And here you can see the swatches for both products. Another thing I prefer about the ‘Gimme Brow’ is that it is a bit more on the ashy side of brown, which I believe suits my brows better (though the ‘Eyebrow Fibers’ look really natural as well).

So… If you can – and want to – splurge, you will not regret purchasing ‘Gimme Brow’, it is a wonderful product! However, if you are on a budget like yours truly, you will not be disappointed by the ‘Eyebrow Fibers’ either 🙂


What products do you normally use on yours brows? Have you tried any one of these?

Hope you find this post helpful!


Alice ❤


20 thoughts on “Benefit’s ‘Gimme Brow’ VS Kiko’s ‘Brow Mascara’: Which is Better?

  1. It’s funny as I mentioned the exact thing in my recent blog post about Kiko products as was looking for a cheaper alternative to Benefit as it’s so small and quite pricey. I totally agree with you regarding the Kiko wand and consistency but it is a great cheaper alternative. If I’m really careful how I hold the wandy so only use the tip to apply it doesn’t get too much product and eyebrows look great. Fab post! Xx

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    1. Hello, my dear Annie 🙂 I have never tried eyebrow pencils, actually. When I want to define them a bit more I go with powder, think it looks so natural… But now you got me curious so I’ll be checking out that pencil soon 😉 xx

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  2. Loved the post, I use Benefit’s Gimme Brow and I love it! I will go for the Kiko one next time though!

    I’m hosting a giveaway (posted today), in case you wanted to participate! The item is Too Faced Le Grand Chateau set:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would love to try the Anastasia products but it’s quite expensive to ship them here 😦 I hear wonders about them! And yes, Gimme Brow is an amazing product 🙂 xx


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