Make-up Expiration Dates: Everything You Need To Know

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today’s post is about how long you should keep your make-up opened for. It’s something that I have been asked quite a lot from different people and it’s actually a very interesting topic because we tend to keep our products, and to keep using them, until we run out of them. And that’s not such a great thing to do!

Of course, you can be like me and only stop wearing the products if the texture or scent changes, but if you want to be really precise about it, here’s everything you need to know!

Mascara & Eyeliner: toss your mascara after 3 months. Mascara has the shortest life span of all make-up because the risk of transferring bacteria back and forth from your eye into the mascara tube’s huge! If your mascara starts to dry out before its 90 days are up, throw it away. Don’t ever add water or saliva to your mascara to rewet it, since doing so will only increase your chances of getting an eye infection.

Eye Pencils: eye pencils can be kept up to 2 years. To make sure you’re using a clean tip, sharpen before each application.

Eyeshadows: keep your applicators clean and your liquid shadows should last 12 months, while powder shadows will last 2 years.

Lipsticks: you can stow your tube lipsticks and your lip pencils for 2 years. As with eye pencils, sharpen your lip pencils before each use.

Blushes and powders: discard your cream blushes after a year, powder blushes and powders after 2 years.

Foundations and Concealers: moisturising foundations and stick concealers can hang around for 18 months. A 12-month shelf life applies to both oil-free foundations, which can dry out quickly, and liquid concealers.

Some tips:

→ Using clean brushes and sponges will help lengthen the life of your cosmetics. Be sure and wash or replace your applicators frequently.

→ When you open a cosmetic for the first time, write the date on the product. It will help you keep track of how long you’ve had it opened for so you’ll know when it’s time to throw it away.

→ Don’t use your fingers as applicators – you don’t want to transfer bacteria from your hands to the products, then again to your skin.

→ Don’t store your products in the sun, as heat and light can damage them. Store products in a cool, dry, dark location, such as a closet or a drawer, and avoid placing them in the shower where heat and humidity can damage them.

→ Use products that come in a pump or squeeze container, and avoid pots or tubs.

→ Don’t share your products, particularly your eye products, with family or friends – this just introduces more bacteria to your cosmetics.

→ Don’t “pump” mascara by pushing and pulling the applicator in and out of the tube several times. This introduces more air and bacteria into your make-up, causing the product to dry out faster and increases the likelihood of bacterial infection.

What about you, guys? Do you keep your make-up forever or throw it away when it passes it’s expiration date?

I hope you’ve found this post helpful!


Alice ♥

5 thoughts on “Make-up Expiration Dates: Everything You Need To Know

      1. That’s really nice on you! I don’t do it at all. I’ve had my Roller Lash for a bit over a year and still use it. It was expensive so I can’t bring myself to throw it away until I’ve ran out of it. xx

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