How To: Boyfriend Jeans

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Today’s post is another one in the ‘How To’ series, about how to properly style boyfriend jeans! These jeans are super trendy, and have been so for the past couple of years.

Something very important to bear in mind when purchasing a pair of boyfriend jeans is that, though this style of jeans is made to look a bit big and worn, that does not mean that they shouldn’t fit you correctly. They should be loose around your legs, but not so baggy that your figure is lost in them!

They’re usually low-waisted, you can also buy a mid-to-high waisted version of these jeans. The kind of cut that is best for you depends on your body type.

♥ If you carry extra weight around your middle, then you should stick to mid- or high- waisted jeans to avoid getting a “muffin top” look.

♥ If your figure is relatively straight and you’re on the thin side, then low-waisted jeans can help give your body the appearance of more curves and definition.

As with all types of jeans, you can find boyfriend jeans in a variety of washes, from very light blue to very dark denim. Most often, a darker wash is dressier and a bit more formal than a lighter wash. Darker jeans are better for more formal events, and may suit older women a bit better as well.

♥ Darker jeans also call less attention to themselves and bring more attention to your upper body. But if you want to have fun with a light pair of jeans, that’s up to you 😉

Also, something very important: consider cuffing your jeans! You can cuff them so that they fall 3/4 down your calf, exposing your ankle and the area above it. The cuffed jeans make for a fun and exciting look, while also making you appear taller!

That being said, I leave you with some looks (from Pinterest) featuring this type of jeans, so you can draw some inspiration 😉

I love this style of jeans! Though it’s not the most flattering, I feel like it does suit me alright and I believe it just makes your outfit stand out.

 Here are a couple of looks from yours truly here wearing hers:

What about you, guys? What do you think of boyfriend jeans? Are you a fan or a hater? 😛


Alice ♥

9 thoughts on “How To: Boyfriend Jeans

    1. Ohh! Thanks, dear. You’re too sweet 🙂 I’ve become quite obsessed with boyfriend jeans recently, I don’t seem to bring myself to wear anything else :p
      And thanks for the nomination, I’ll check that out now! 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. High-waste jeans always look better 😉 you should give them a try, see how you feel about those. Maybe the low-waste ones weren’t the right ones for your body shape, maybe the high-waist will fit you like a glove 😉 thanks for commenting! Xx


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