Oscars 2016: Worst Dressed!

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with yet another post about the Oscars, this one with the looks that made it to my “Worst Dressed” list (and there were quite a few to choose from!).

Alicia Alicia Vikander

I Know quite some people will disagree with this one but I just did not like her dress at all! The colour (I just hate yellow…) does not look bad on Alicia but that lower but, at the end, with all that puff, just looks wrong. And I know it is couture (Louis Vuitton), but I do not like it at all! And those sparkly, silvery bits all over… The shape of those, in my opinion, is just off. Another thing that is off is her hair. Sorry, Alicia, but that looks like something I would do to my hair when I am at home.


Brie Brie Larson

Another look that might get some discussion is this blue dress that Brie Larson chose to wear. Though the colour looks gorgeous on her, and I like that but of the dress on the shoulders/chest area, I hate the lower half of it. Those ruffles are just wrong! I do love what they have done to her hair, though. And her make-up also looks perfect!


Cate Balanchet Cate Blanchett

Oh!, Care, what have you done? I usually love her style (the dress she wore to last year’s Oscars was gorgeous) but this dress is just wrong. I love the colour (perfect for her complexion) and quite like the shape of it but those dangling flowers are just wrong!


Daisy Ridley Daisy Ridley

The only problem I have with this dress are those transparent bits at the waist and at her feet. If the dress did not have that, it would have been perfect!


Emily Blunt Emily Blunt

Emily’s dress looks like a nightgown. I hate the shape, the cut, those sparkly bits… The only positive is the colour, which suits her very nicely.


Kate Kate Winslet

The worst of the night, for me. What were you thinking, Kate Winslet? It looks like she is wearing a shiny garbage bag wrapped around her body. And both her hair and make-up look quite meh. It is the Oscars, after all…


Klum Heidi Klum

I must admit I am not a fan of Heidi Klum’s style and this dress only emphasized that thought. The only thing I like about it is that it has lilac…


Lily Cole Lily Cole

Another dress that looked like it was made of silver, shiny garbage bags. It looks terrible! And those shoes do not go with the dress at all!


Naomi Naomi Watts

I did not hate Naomi’s look but I think she overdid it. The dress is sequin, colourful and then she added a statment necklace. I think it was too much and it would have looked much better if she had gone with another necklace.


Rooney Rooney Mara

When I first saw Rooney Mara yesterday, she was giving an interview so I only saw her dress from the boobies up and I thought Wow! She looks stunning! I have to add her to my Best Dressed list! But then they completly showed her dress and I was very disappointed. I kind of like that cut out detail on the belly but I do not like the dress from her hips down. And the shoes were terrible!


Diane Warren Diane Warren

Do I need to say anything about this one? No? *Phew!* I am so glad you understand me!


Jared Jared Leto

Jared, honey, you know how much I adore you but that outfit is just wrong! From the flower on your neck to the awful shoes, you could have done so much better! Simplicity is key…


As on the previous post, I want to thank my lovely best friend for going through the trouble of getting me all these pictures 🙂

How about you, guys? Which looks made it to your “Worst Dressed” list? Any of these?


Alice ❤

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