Autumn Fashion Haul (And How I Style Each Item)

Hello, lovelies!

Hope you’re all doing well. The second post in our mini Autumn series is here and today, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by the title, I’m showing you the pieces I got for Autumn/Winter.

I was in need of some transitional jumpers, so I ended up picking up a few of those, along with some other pieces. As I mentioned in my previous post (here, if you haven’t read it yet), Autumn is my favourite season, and I simply love Autumn fashion! The cosy knits, the boots, the jackets, the colours, you name it! Which, let’s be honest, is a problem because I pretty much everything stores have in right now.

For this post, I decided not just to show you each item I picked up, but also how I style it. This is one of the things I love most about Fashion, that it’s totally subjective. You might look at the pieces I got and think of entirely different outfits that you would put together (or simply think “how could she spend her money on this? She has no taste!”).

I’m guessing that, by now, you might already know what to expect from this haul: Autumn-y colours, cosy knits… Yes, I have it all!

Look #1

First piece is this fleecy blazer from Springfield. It was love at first sight! One thing you need to know about me is that I absolutely love blazers, I find them the perfect jacket which you can dress up or down. I’d been wanting a beige/nude one for a while, and this one ticket all the boxes. Plus, it’s fleecy, so super comfy and perfect for Autumn/Winter (you can have a wool jumper underneath and it still looks good). Here I decided to pair it with a brick shirt, a blue, dark wash jean, dark brown ankle boots, and a burgundy bag. If I were to add a scarf, I would’ve gone with a forest green, to go with the Earth-tones.

Look #2

Another piece I got was this jumper from La Redoute (it’s from a French brand, so I could only find it on the French website). It turned out to have this V-neck detail on the back, which is quite nice but also not very practical for Autumn – at least in France. I also didn’t expect the beige stripe to have gold threads, but it’s a nice little touch that adds a bit more character to the jumper. It’s a nice piece to wear if you’re not spending too much time outdoors – and I love the colours!

Look #3

I also got this khaki cardigan from La Redoute. It’s a trend I’ve been loving, to wear cardigans as tops, not over a shirt or t-shirt. I decided to pair it with this burgundy bomber jacket that I’ve had for a few years, plus a burgundy belt, dark wash jeans, a blue bag, and my favourite ankle boots. They’re taupe, with a bit of a heel, and I wear them a lot in both Autumn and Winter.

Look #4

In this more casual look I’m wearing a jumper I got from Springfield. As with the blazer in look #1, it was love at first sight! It’s a thinner jumper, but I love the colours and pattern! I paired it with the same jeans I had in the other looks, plus the burgundy bag, a mint green trench coat, and my nude Nike trainers. I just know I’ll be wearing this jumper a lot, all year round!

Look #5

This is one of my favourite looks, featuring this jumper I got from H&M. They call it “Greige”, which is a colour I absolutely love – a mixture of grey and beige. The top block is greige, the middle one a light beige, and the bottom one a mid-grey. Love, love, love!!! I paired it with black jeans, black ankle boots (heels), and my burgundy bag – and a bolder lip to tie the look together!

Look #6

Another look I’m obsessed with! I just love this jumper from La Redoute. It’s very comfortable, not too tight, not too warm nor too thin. I decided to pair it with my very old burgundy trench coat, black jeans, the same boots as in the previous look, and my big black bag. It’s another look I’m sure I’ll be wearing a lot this season.

Look #7

The second to last piece is this long cardigan from H&M, in the same greige colour. It’s soooo soft! Here I paired it one of my favourite blouses ever, one from Zara I’ve had for years. Plus black jeans, another (smarter) pair of black booties, plus my burgundy bag (I’m guessing you’ve noticed by now that there’s always a touch of burgundy).

Look #8

The final look is my favourite as it features two of my most-loved pieces in my wardrobe: one is a new addition, this perfect jumper from La Redoute. I just love everything about it, from the colour, to the knit, the pattern, the touch, the fit… Absolute perfection! The other piece I love is this blazer (surprise, surprise…!), wich I got in a Mango sale last year. Pair that with black heeled ankle boots, a black studded bag to add a bit of an edgier touch, plus a bit of a statement earring and you’ve got yourself (I’ve got myself) the perfect look!

That’s everything I got this new season. Did you guys get anything? What are some of the pieces you’re loving at the moment? And feel free to tell me which look is your favourite!

Thanks for reading!



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