Tartelette in Bloom: Statement Copper Smokey Eye

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you’ve all had a great week! 🙂

Today marks the end of my ‘Tartelette in Bloom’ week. And what better way to end it than with a statement smokey eye, right? 😉

I just love a good smokey eye, think it looks gorgeous, it might just be my favourite type of eye make-up! And this eyeshadow palette is screaming for a smokey eye! It’s just like it’s asking Alice, create a smokey eye with me! 😛

As I mentioned on the previous posts, the products I’ve used for my base are exactly the same (check Monday’s post for details), but the lipstick’s different. I’ll stop with the rambling now and show you what I used to create this look…

5. Tartelette in Bloom

For the crease: Smarty Pants. Nothing special about this step, just applied this shadow on all my crease, going back and forth, and then using windshield wiper motions.

On the outer crease and outer third of the eye, I used Rebel and blended everything in. Then I went in with Leader on the outer corner and blended that really well too.

Once everything was seamlessly blended, I added Firecracker, the start of the show, to the lid, and Funny Girl to both the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.

For lips:

It’s actually ‘918’ and not ‘908’, as I’ve wrongly written on the picture with the swatches, sorry about that :-/

And here’s the final look!





What do you guys think of this look? Also, which one of the 3 was your favourite? I’d love to know! 🙂

Have an amazing weekend!


Alice ♥

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