Tartelette in Bloom: All Matte Make-up Look

Hello, lovelies!

How are you all doing? Today’s post is another look done with my trusted Tartelette in Bloom, aka the best eyeshadow palette ever!

This one’s all matte and a bit more smokey. I’d wear it just like it is on the daytime, and for night-time add in a darker shadow on the outer corner. It suits most skin tones and eye shapes, and it’s quite easy to achieve 🙂

As I mentioned on Monday’s post, the products I’ve used for my base are the same but I’ve changed the lipstick so let’s move on to the look!

5. Tartelette in Bloom

To the inner half/two thirds of the eye, both on the lid and the crease, I’ve used Smarty Pants. Then I used Rebel on the outer third of the eye (also both lid and crease) and blended both colours really well so that I wouldn’t have harsh lines.

To finish the eye look off, I added Leader to the outer corner and, again, blended it really well so it would all appear seamless, like the perfect ombré look. I just love this eyeshadow, since it’s matte and like a deep wine colour, which brings out the green in my eyes.

As I mentioned above, if you wanted to add a bit more darkness/smokeyness, you could go in with Activist or Smokeshow and it would look stunning!

As for the lips:

As I was going for the all-matte look, I chose to go in with my favourite matte lipstick (and the only one I own since I don’t like matte lips at all) of all time: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in ‘Bahama’, by NARS. I love this lipstick because: 1- the colour’s just perfect; 2- it’s matte but doesn’t feel matte/drying on the lips, it’s very comfortable to wear and lasts a long time on the lips!

And this is the finished look!



What do you guys think? I’m usually not a fan of an all-matte eyeshadow look but I think I’ll be recreating this one a lot!


Alice ♥

3 thoughts on “Tartelette in Bloom: All Matte Make-up Look

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! This palette is so worth the money because you can get so many different looks out of it, each one perfect for each Season. It’s perfect! 😍 Thanks for your kind words, dear. Xx

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