Massive The Body Shop Haul

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! 🙂

At the beginning of this month, I had to place an order on The Body Shop’s website, since I was running out of my moisturisers (and probably my serum as well, can’t tell because the packaging’s opaque). Then I found a discount code that gave me 30% off of everything, and they had a few things with discount as well, so me and my mother-in-law ended up getting a bunch of stuff! Some of the products we got’re the same, but I don’t think there’s the need to share pictures of both, when they’re exactly the same thing 😛

This is everything we got:


♥ Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lip Balm

I have no idea where I’ve left where my Kiko Night Balm, so I was in need of a new deeply-nourishing-sort-of-treatment for my lips, which have been super dry. After only two applications, I could already tell the difference! It really does work!

The let downs for me are: 1- the fact that you have to dip your finger in the product (I’m just not a fan of that); 2- the scent, but that’s because I’ve already tried the body butter from the same range and it smells the same, which I like for my body but not exactly for my lips (I’m just weird and picky, please ignore me 😛 ).

For the price, I think it might just be the best thing (from the ‘nourishing lip treatment’ field) I’ve ever tried.

It normally costs €6 / $8 / £4.

Seaweed – Oil-Control Gel Cream

I feel I don’t have much else to say about this product. I’ve been applying it to my face everyday for the past couple of years, I’ve been through about 4 or 5 of them. It’s just my favourite daytime moisturiser, since it has that gel-like consistency and it’s oil-control (and it works!), which is all I want in a daytime moisturiser!

Normal price: €16,50 / $20 / £12.

Vitamin E – Intense Moisture Cream

I had to purchase this one because my trusted Aqua Boost Sorbet from the same range was sold out 😥 The Aqua Boost‘s the moisturiser I’ve been using at night for over a year now and its scent’s one of my favourite smells in the world. And It works on my skin which, combined with the amazing scent, are what makes it my fave.

As for this one, I can’t give you my opinion yet, just because I’m just finishing the Aqua Boost so I still haven’t given this one a try. But I’ll get back to you on it! It had great reviews, though. And I always look for massively hydrating products for night-time, so I have high hopes for this one… Let me know if you’ve tried it and what are your thoughts on it 🙂

It normally sells for €18 / $22 / £13.

Vitamin E – Sink-in Moisture Sleeping Mask

This one I’d already tried and loved! I’m just not crazy about the fact that it’s a sleeping mask, it gets a bit all-over my pillowcase. But it does the job so what else can I ask for, right? 😉

It normally costs €20 / $24 / £10.

Vitamin E – Intense Moisture Serum

Vitamin E – Intense Moisture Serum

I just find it funny that this serum has the exact same name as my favourite one ever, which’s by Rituals 😛 As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I can’t tell how much I’ve got left on my Rituals’ one, since the packaging’s opaque. But I guessed I was about to run out of it, since I was using it everyday, both mornings and evenings, for the last couple of months.

I’m still finishing my Rituals’ one so I haven’t tried this one yet, so I’ll report back. As with the Intense Moisture Cream from the same range, it had great reviews so I’m hoping my skin will like it as much as it likes the Rituals’ one.

It normally sells for €21 / $23 / £13.

Aloe – Calming Toner

Aloe – Calming Toner

This one’s actually for my mother-in-law. Her skin’s quite sensitive so I advised her to get this toner. She still hasn’t started using this one since she was still half way through her old one, but I’ll update you on how she got along with it 🙂

It normally sells for €11,50 / $16 / £7.

Shea – Nourishing Body Butter

I love The Body Shop’s body butters, they’re my favourite moisturisers for my body. And I’d already used this one so I knew I like the scent, and it was half the usual price for a promotion they had going on on the french website 😀

The usual price is €17 / $21 / £14.

Youth Concentrate – Drops of Youth

This is the product that I definitely didn’t need but somehow made its way to my bag 😛 This is what its description said on the website:

Our certified organic range has been created for the first signs of ageing. This innovative concentrate helps to enhance surface skin condition, leaving it looking smoother, fresher and healthier.

  • Helps enhance surface skin condition
  • Smoothes
  • Instantly moisturising
  • 99% of ingredients are of natural origin

So I was like Say no more, I’m sold! I must say, the fact that it had a 30% discount helped, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten it. I can’t say I notice a massive difference yet, but I do notice that my skin’s softer, like it’s more moisturised, and it’s less oily, which means it has been getting more water.

I do really like this product so far, and the scent’s quite nice as well. My boyfriend says it smells like trees 😛 I quite agree, I think it smells fresh and of nature.

The usual price’s €32 / $38 / £25.

Ethiopian Honey – Deep Nourishing Mask

Ethiopian Honey – Deep Nourishing Mask

Then I got to choose a couple of samples and both me and my mother-in-law got samples of this face mask. I, of course, couldn’t wait and applied it the day I got it (after applying my cleansing clay mask).

The texture was so not what I expected it to be! It’s literally like honey! I have to say, I think I’ll be splurging on this mask quite often because it’s the best hydrating face mask I’ve ever tried! Seriously, if you can spend the money on it, do it! Or just ask at your local The Body Shop if they can give you a sample because you need to try this!

Normal price: €20 / $28 / £15.

And that’s it, guys. That’s all I got from The Body Shop… Have you guys tried any of these products? I’d love to know your thoughts on them! 🙂


Alice ♥

14 thoughts on “Massive The Body Shop Haul

    1. I can’t really talk about the calming toner since it wasn’t for me, and I haven’t used enough of the Drops of Youth yet to give my proper opinion. But the Sleeping Mask’s worth every penny, it really does work! 🙂
      Have you tried any of these products? xx

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      1. It does indeed! I love Jasmine, it’s one of my favourite scents ever. Great choice! I also like the Fijian Water Lotus one, it’s perfect for Summer 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t tried the other new face masks. Which ones have you tried? Or you got three samples of each? :p
      I think it’s perfect for combination skin! My skin has turned into combination since I’ve added more water to my routine but this is my favourite moisturiser for the daytime. It’s quite lightweight and fresh, it has a gel-like consistency and doesn’t leave you neither oily nor dry. If you’re looking for a new moisturiser, I’d advise you to try this one and see how you get on with it 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have to look into those too 😉 You can try to ask for a sample, just to try it for a week or two (a little bit of it goes a long way) and see how your skin feels about it 🙂 xx

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