Mademoiselle R

Hey guys!

I got the new catalogue for La Redoute in the mail a few days ago and, as per usual, Mademoiselle R’s collection is making me hate the fact that I’m not insanely rich, since I pretty much want to buy everything!!

Today I’ll leave you with my two favourite looks from their collection and, over the next few days, I’ll share with you my other favourite items.

Hope you like them 🙂

look tee 29.9949.99  shoes 64.99 24.99

Top: €29,99 / $35,44 / £23,19. Ref: 958.7926 (or you can find it here)

Trousers: €49,99 / $59,08 / £38,66. Ref:905.0485 (or you can find them here)

Shoes: €64,99 / $76,81 / £50,26. Ref: 830.7270 (or you can find them here)

Purse: €24,99 / $29,53 / £19,33. Ref: 995.5038 (or you can find it here)

In this look, I love the shoes from the back but I don’t really like the front. But they go very nicely with everything else, you can never go wrong with the classic Black, White and a touch of Red.


Alice ❤

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