Transitioning to Autumn Fashion: New at Stores

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you’ve had a nice week 🙂 Today’s post’s all about the new season that’s just begun, specially Fashion-wise and what’s new at stores.

And by stores, I have to say, I mean Zara and Mango. I know, I keep posting the same brands, but I can’t help that I pretty much like everything they do! 😛 Seriously, when I finished going through both websites, I had so many pieces to share with you that I couldn’t possibly look at other stores. So sorry if you don’t like either one, but I’m hoping you’ll at least like one thing that I show you 😉

Seriously, I have so many things to share with you guys that I better stop rambling and get on with it!

♥ Jackets and Coats

⋅ Blazers

I’ve only picked these two but, truth is, I love blazers! I think they’re stunning and they can totally make an outfit, either a casual or a smarter one. Most people tend to think of blazers as ‘business-like’, but pair them with a nice top, some ripped/boyfriend jeans and trainers on your feet and there you have it, a casual outfit featuring a blazer that’s super trendy at the moment! 🙂

⋅ Bomber Jackets

Now, this category’s one I picked because so many people love this type of jacket. Honestly, I can’t understand why (and the style doesn’t flatter me at all), but these two are quite nice, I believe. Again, it’s a type of jacket that you can use to dress up or down any outfit!

⋅ Leather (and Denim) Jackets

I love leather jackets! I have one (that’s more like suede) but I look forward to adding a few to my collection. Again, a type of jacket that can be used to dress up or down your outfit, and it’s perfect for those Autumnal days when it starts to be colder but it’s not really cold yet.

⋅ Trench Coats

Well, trench coats are a must-have! Again, it’s a light-wight type of coat, which is great for Autumn, and they tend to be waterproof, which’s also great for this time of the year. They also help to dress up or down an outfit, since they can be paired with blouses, trousers and stilettos for a more business-like look, or with jeans, tee and trainers for a more casual one.

⋅ Coats

As hard as it might be to start thinking about wearing a coat again, Autumn’s here and it’s time to start bringing the coats out (or purchasing new ones, whatever floats your boat 😉 ). You can always still take a tee or a blouse underneath…

Here, for example, the mornings are quite cold but it’s still warm-ish throughout the day. In those cases, you can take a tee and a cardigan underneath, and then take your coat off when the day starts getting a bit warmer.

♥ Dresses & Jumpsuits

Dresses and jumpsuits are great for all year round, but I’ve chosen these ones for Autumn/Winter (though they could be worn during Spring/Summer as well), mostly because of their colours.

A trend that you can see this season’s knots. Everything has knots! Dresses, tops, skirts, bags, you name it. Here you can see a few dresses with knots or that you can lace around the waist, which I think’s incredibly figure-flattering! I would so buy so many of these ♥


⋅ Shirts & Blouses

Again, I’d so purchase so many of these! As you can see, the ‘Knot’ trend’s quite noticeable here as well.

And, as for the first top I’ve put here, you might be thinking “why on Earth would she add a top like that to an Autumnal post?

That sort of top has been super trendy since last season and it’s still around this season because it’ll look absolutely stunning underneath a blouse, just a bit of lace showing 😉

⋅ Jumpers & Cardigans

Autumn isn’t really Autumn without jumpers – at least form me. I just love the cozy feeling a jumper leaves me with… And I found these ones, most of which are timeless, the others are quite trendy, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them 😉

♥ Bottoms

⋅ Skirts

I’m just thrilled that midi-skirts are still around, they’re my favourite type of skirt (who am I kidding, they’re the only type of skirt I like…). I’d be more than happy if I got any of the ones I show you here 😛

On that grey midi-skirt you can also see how the ‘knot’ trend affects even skirts. I saw it on the model, on Zara’s website, and it looked absolutely gorgeous!

⋅ Shorts

I’m not one to wear shorts but I really like seeing them in other people (as long as they’re properly styled, that is), mostly so during Autumn. Some nice shorts with semi-opaque tights and some ankle boots just look stunning!

⋅ Trousers

Some might think this type of trousers’ really business-like but it’s super trendy to pair them with something like Adidas’ Stan Smith, a tee/casual blouse and a leather jacket. I love trousers, mostly so if they have some sort of classical (yet modern) pattern and are pleated, which is exactly what doesn’t suit my body type at all!

♥ Shoes (aka Heaven 😛 )

⋅ Ballerinas

Ugh, I just hate ballerinas! Nonetheless, I’ve decided to share a few because I know that many people like them and find them comfortable so, if you’re one of those people, you’re welcome 😛 These ones are kinda cute, I think… But I’d still not wear them!

⋅ Shoes

Again, another type of shoe that I don’t usually like. These ones aren’t all that bad, though (again, wouldn’t wear them…). The ‘metallic shoe’ trend’s one that has been around for a while (and so’s the white rubber sole, that I definitely don’t get and never will).

⋅ Stilettos

These ones I love! ♥ Stilettos are just my favourite type of shoe, the one I’ll want to be wearing everyday when I grow up 😛 And the black ones aren’t your usual stiletto, but I think they sort of fit in the category, while being a bit different than the norm. I love all of these, would buy them without question!

⋅ Trainers

Finally, a trend that’s right up my street. I love it! I think they’re the most comfortable shoes (as long as they don’t leave you with blisters), and they come in so many different styles and colours that’s impossible for you not to find at least a pair that you love. Fortunately, all of these ones are quite affordable 😉

⋅ Boots & Ankle Boots

Again, I just love ankle boots! I own quite a few and I’m constantly wearing them throughout Autumn and Winter. And then you have those ginormous boots that made a comeback last year (tell me it hasn’t already been two years…!) and that I personally am not a fan of. I think you’d have to be quite skinny and very tall to be able to look good in them. But ankle boots yes, they’re my faves! 🙂

♥ Accessories

⋅ Bags

(Oh dear, there are so many of them 😛 )

I have a slight obsession with bags 😛 Funny enough, I don’t own that many of them. I’ve been wanting a nude bag since I can remember but just haven’t found the one. I do love most of these bags, and would definitely purchase more than I need! Mostly backpacks, I love them, so happy they’re such a huge thing right now!

⋅ Jewellery

Another trend that I’ll never get, that I run away from, are chokers. Seriously, just look at the name. How could you possibly want something called ‘choker’ around your neck? Maybe that’s just me… I can’t even wear turtlenecks, I feel like they’re choking me. I hate feeling things tight around my neck.

So yeah, I’ve shares a few pieces of jewellery that I like from both stores, without including chokers (sorry if you’re a fan of them…).

⋅ Scarves

Uhh! Scarves! ♥ ♥ ♥ The first six (the ones from Mango), I’d buy them all right now 😛 I am, however, looking for a black and white scarf, don’t have one of those in my closet yet and it’s one I would get a lot of wear out of. I think these are all perfect for this time of the year, because of both the patterns and the colours.

⋅ Hats

I do own a black hat that I don’t get almost any wear out of. I love it, I do, but I just feel like I can’t see properly when I have it on, like it blocks my sight. They look so stylish, though. And these ones are all stunning!

⋅ Sunnies

Yeah, though the sun’s mostly hiding out during this time of the year, you still have to protect your eyes, even if you feel like everyone’s giving you the eye because of it 😛

⋅ Miscellaneous

Belts, gloves and umbrellas are things we all need, right? And these western-belts are a huge thing since last season. I’ve also chosen to include a set with two hair clips, that are quite simple but can make the difference in a look 🙂

 And that’s it for this post, guys. What do you think of my choices? Would you purchase any of them?


Alice ♥

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    1. I completely agree with you! Anything burgundy, brick or khaki, I think it’s perfect for this time of the year. I’m so glad you’ve liked this post 🙂
      Hope you have a fantastic weekend! xx

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