Favourite Lip Colours (Updated)

Hello, lovelies! Hope you are all doing well 🙂 Today I thought I would share with you my favourite lip colours. I did a similar post a very long while ago so I thought I would redo it, since I have since added many lippies to the list. I love lipsticks! I must admit, though, that I do not have much patience for it so … Continue reading Favourite Lip Colours (Updated)

What I Got For My Birthday (2016)!

Hello, lovelies! How are you doing? Since my birthday was a bit over two weeks ago, I thought I would do a post showing you what I got, like I did last year (you can read last year’s by clicking here). I always love watching youtubers showing what they got for their birthdays so I thought someone might want to read about what I got … Continue reading What I Got For My Birthday (2016)!