Well-Dressed Women in TV – My Top 10

Hello, lovelies! How are you doing? As you may know, I love me some TV shows! And I thought I would share with you a combination of two of my passions – fashion and TV shows -, bringing you my top 10 list of the best dressed women on TV 🙂 There were a lot to choose from but I managed to reduce my list to … Continue reading Well-Dressed Women in TV – My Top 10

Mademoiselle R: Look #2

Hi again! As promised, here’s my other favourite look by Mademoiselle R, featured in the latest La Redoute catalogue. It’s so pretty and romantic, I think it’s absolutely perfect!    Blouse: €49,99 / $59,08 / £38,66. Ref: 930.3596 (you can find it here) Shorts: €29,99 / $35,44 / £23,19. Ref: 891.6535 (you can find them here) Love, Alice ❤ Continue reading Mademoiselle R: Look #2