Current Skincare Routine

Hello, lovelies! How are you doing? Today I leave you with a post that was requested when I uploaded what I got for my birthday, which is about my skincare products by The Body Shop. I updated my routine last Summer because I was advised to do so by a professional make-up artist/skincare expert when I took my Styling Course. I have already mentioned this … Continue reading Current Skincare Routine

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

Hello, lovelies. How are you doing? Today’s post is about something that is mentioned pretty much everytime someone talks about make-up. Who has not met someone who told them something like “you are only using make-up to conceal the things you do not like about yourself”? I know I have… But what those people fail to understand is that make-up should be used as a … Continue reading Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

Skincare: discover your skin type and what works best for you

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d do a post on skin care. It took me a while to discover my skin type and what worked best for me (and what did not work at all!). Although your skin can look after and renew itself, you should take good care of it to strengthen the skin’s healthy processes and protect it against external influences. While your … Continue reading Skincare: discover your skin type and what works best for you