Tiny Skincare Haul

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope everything’s fine and you’re having a great week so far.

Today I’m sharing with you yet another little haul. This one’s tiny, though – I really didn’t buy much. I was in need of a mascara, since my Roller Lash‘s about to meet its maker, and I took the opportunity (and the discounts) to buy myself a couple other things I’d been wanting for a while.

Oh, and just a few days after getting these products, I ran out of my hydrating serum. Since the one I knew I was getting for Christmas still hadn’t arrived, I bought myself a different one, which I still haven’t used since they ended up arriving the same day and I’ve been using my Rituals one ever since.

But here’s all I got:

Lash Sensational, Maybelline | Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Wipes, Garnier | Freshen Up Kit, First Aid Beauty

Freshen Up Kit, First Aid Beauty

No, I didn’t really need another lip repairing type of product. I did need, however, some sort of hydrating mist, since it’s Winter and I was without my miracle worker (aka the Rituals’ serum), so in desperate need of more sources of hydration. Since this little kit was the same price as the mist alone, I thought I’d better take advantage of that and order myself this little kit.

I’m so glad I did, because I love the lip balm much more than the face mist! The mist has, in my opinion, a terrible, disgusting scent – like cough syrup but even worse. I have to make an effort not to breath in while I’m waiting for the scent to disappear. So, needless to say, I haven’t been using it much. I do notice that my skin’s been much, much better, though I couldn’t say if it’s because of this little product or my miracle serum.

The lip balm really does work! It’s up there with my Body Shop one that I love so much. In fact, this one having an applicator and there being no need for me to stick my finger in the product to actually apply it, make this one my favourite. It smells minty, but toothpaste-like, subtle mint, not the overpowering one.

Overall, I’m really glad I bought this kit, mostly so if we consider the fact that it only cost me €10 / $10,65 / £8,75!

Lash Sensational in ‘Ultra Black’, Maybelline

I’ve heard so many great things about this mascara that I just had to give it a go. I’ve only used it once, and without curling my lashes in advance, but I was a bit disappointed. Of course, I’ve been using the Roller Lash for two/three years, and I’d used the They’re Real before that, so my standards are quite high. But I didn’t feel like it gave them the lift I wanted – well, needed it to. I’ll continue to use it, though, and report back.

Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Wipes, Garnier

Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Wipes, Garnier

After hearing Fleur De Force raving about these wipes for quite a few times, I just had to get them – and made my mother-in-law get them as well. Honestly, I haven’t been wearing makeup much these days, and I still had my old wipes to finish, so I still haven’t tried these ones. But my expectations are high!

Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum, First Aid Beauty

Again, still haven’t tried this one, since it got here on the same day as my Rituals’ one, which takes preference over any other serum. I’m saving this one for when I run out of the miraculous one. I’ll be asking for it again for my birthday but, since it’s a long time from my birthday until Christmas, I think I’ll be using this one during that period. Or when I run out of my night-time serum. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. Just hope it doesn’t have the same scent as the face mist!

That’s it for my haul! Have you guys tried any of these products? I’d love to know your thoughts on them!


Alice ♥

3 thoughts on “Tiny Skincare Haul

  1. That mascara is definitely a wonder product that I know and I have always wanted to try cleansing oil infused micellar water from simple but they are not stocked in all the stores and the garnier one looks very similar

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    1. Really? I look forward to giving the mascara another try, then. As for the micellar water, honestly, I’ve had a skin expert telling me it’s useless, so I never use it. These wipes seem nice, though. And we’re highly praised. I’m curious to see if they work. I hear great things about the Garnier oil infused Micellar water, though. Xx

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