Beauty Haul

Hello, lovelies!

How are you all doing? What better way to end a year / begin a new one than with a Beauty Haul. New makeup just gets me excited!

I had planned to get more of my Wycon powder and concealer (which I’m about to run out of) when I went back home but since I ended up not going home for Christmas, I had to place an order with Beauty Bay. And they were having sales so I picked up a few extra stuff. Weeeee!

One of the things I ordered was a rollerball perfume that ended up being out of stock and was sent to me afterwards, which is why you’ll see the background is different in those specific pictures.

And they actually sent me a free Solid Blendercleanser, which was great and quite useful, since my Miracle Complexion Sponge was in need of some cleansing. It works so well! And it smells nicely of lavender.

If you want to see these products in action, keep your eyes peeled for Friday’s post, which will be a ‘first impressions’ makeup look using all of them!

On with the haul!

This is everything I got (+ the perfume that was still M.I.A. at this point):


122 Petit Stippling Brush, Zoeva

I’d been wanting a smaller stippling brush for some time now, mostly for applying concealer. I decided to take advantage of the discount and bought myself this one from Zoeva, because their brushes are always great quality and fairly affordable. I love that they always come in those little cases, that you can then use for storing something else (or even brushes, should you want to). Makes them even more great value for money!

233 Cream Shader Brush, Zoeva

I’d also been wanting a brush just like this one for quite some time, now. It’s great for the more shimmery / sparkly eyeshadows, it’s supposed to apply them much better. I tend to just apply them with my finger, since I was missing this type of brush, but I’m hoping this’ a good one and does a better job at applying those shadows than my finger.

Fixing Powder, Artdeco

I love Artdeco, it’s a great, affordable brand. I think they must have re-branded not that long ago because they’re packaging’s looking much more sleek and luxurious. As I mentioned above, I intended to purchase another one of the Fix & Matt Translucent Powder by Wycon, but since I didn’t go home, I had to search for another one. And since I can’t get the one from RCMA here, and I didn’t want to splurge on the one by Laura Mercier, I ended up picking this one up. It looks different, though. It’s not as white, it has more of a beige-tone to it, which I find quite interesting. Can’t wait to try it!

Eyeshadow Base, Artdeco

As I mentioned on quite a few posts already, I’m always looking for an eyeshadow base that actually works. Since I have such oily lids, my eye looks don’t last long at all unless I prime the lids first, but it has proven to be impossible to find a primer that actually works (and that’s affordable, didn’t want to splurge on a MAC’s Paintpot). This one had good reviews so fingers crossed!

PRO Conceal – HD Concealer, L.A. Girl

I also intended to get another Liquid Concealer from Wycon but had to search for another one instead. This one had good reviews and a great range of shades, so I searched for swatches online and ended up getting one that, turns out, looks quite orange. It’s not a problem, though. Since my under-eye area has purply-blue undertones, this orangy concealer will work perfectly! (Or so I hope…)

Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick, Milani

→ in’61 Naked’

Of course, I just had to buy lipsticks- quelle surprise! And of course I had to get a ‘your lips but better’ shade… It’s just my favourite, can’t help myself! I’d seen Kathleen Lights talking about these lipsticks and swatching them all and this one was love at first sight. It looked like the perfect YLBB, slightly on the brown-ish side of it, which’s just perfect. I mean, just look at that swatch… As soon as I swatched it I knew I’d made the right choice! Let’s just see how it applies on the lips.

in ’73 Love’

And I also got a burgundy, vampy lipstick. Surprise, surprise! They’re just my favourite colours to put on my lips. I was also relieved after swatching this one, looks lust like I expected it to. Can’t wait to apply it to my lips and see how it applies and how long it lasts!

Blossom, Clean (Rollerball)

This rollerball had 50% off so I took the opportunity to try it. I’d been wanting to try a fragrance by Clean for so long, and Blossom seemed like a good one for me. I read about it online and some said it compared to Chanel’s Chance – Eau Tendre, which is my favourite perfume, so I decided to give it a try. This one won’t, of course, be in my ‘first impressions’ post, so I’ll tell you right away: it smells so good! I wouldn’t compare it to the Chanel one, but I can see why some might. Personally, I’d compare it more to Lanvin’s Me. It’s fresh and floral. Since I don’t understand a thing about notes, here’s what they have to say on the official website:

Top Notes: tunisian neroli, seringa petals hp, yellow freesia

Middle Notes: orange blossom, rain lily hp, georgia magnolia

Dry Notes: skin musk, cotton wood, sensual sandalwood

Basically, if you like your fresh, clean, floral scents, give this one a try!

That’s my Beauty Haul for you, guys. Have you already bought anything this year?

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you thought of it!


Alice ♥

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    1. Artdeco’s an amazing, affordable brand. It should be easier to get, worldwide. Great value for money! I’ve used quite a few of their products already and loved every single one 🙂 xx

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