Worst of Beauty 2016

Hello, lovelies!

How are you all doing? Hope you had the loveliest Christmas!

To properly end this year, I thought I’d do what I did last year and share with you my Best and Worst of Beauty for this year. As last time, it won’t necessarily feature products that were released this year, but these are all products that I discovered and started using in 2016. Oh, and I thought I’d start with the worst ones, because I always like to take the bad out of the way first and finish things on a positive note 😉

I do have quite some things to go on this list. Wish I hadn’t, though. Wouldn’t it just be great for all the products that you try to be simply perfect? You wish, Alice…you wish!

So, without further ado, on to the list!

I just want to take a moment to apologise for the fact that these pictures (and the ones on the ‘Best’ list) won’t all look alike. They’ll all be pretty, though *pfff, of course!*, but since most of these are products I don’t currently own, I can’t take pictures with the same background of all of them.

Hydra VĂ©gĂ©tal – Intense Hydrating Mask, Yves Rocher

Hydra Vegetal – Intense Hydrating Mask, Yves Rocher

I know I’ve actually praised this mask on a post, but it made its way to this list regardless. After trying one that I’ll be sharing on Wednesday, which is waaaaay more affordable than this already affordable one, this one just doesn’t hold up a candle to that one. It’s mostly good for the Summer, since it’s lightweight and fresh, and specially if you don’t need that much hydration – it’s definitely not an Intense Hydrating mask like it claims to be.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lolita’, Kat Von D

Again, I know I’ve actually raved about this product before, and I debated long and hard about which list to put this on. I love the formula, I love the colour, but the fact that it looks so different on everybody that tries it kinda puts me off. And I have sooo many mixed feelings about this colour on me! I love that it’s different than anything else I own and use, cool-toned, sort of ashy. But that also throws me off, because it’s so out of my comfort zone and I’m still not sure if I like it or not.

Copper Peel, Omorovicza

Copper Peel Mask, Omorovicza

I had high hopes for this one. One of mum’s friends, who’s very much into skincare, gave these to me to try and told me they were really good. Maybe I should’ve used more of it, I don’t know, I just felt like using them was a waste of time since it literally did nothing to my skin. And it’s such an expensive product that you should be sure it’ll work before you splurge on it.

Sublimist Serum, L’OrĂ©al

Sublimist Serum, L’OrĂ©al

Ugh, I hated this serum, it has to be the worst of the Worst! Well, it comes in second…but it’s a close call. The scent threw me off so badly, it was sickly and weird. It did absolutely nothing for my skin, no improvements at all, but it wasn’t hydrating either. It was just doing nothing. It was definitely a let down.

Dream Lumi Touch – Highlighting Concealer, Maybelline

Dream Lumi Touch – Highlighting Concealer, Maybelline

Again, another product that I praised on a previous post, but the more you use some products, the more you actually get to see what they do (or don’t do). With this one, my problem’s with the Concealer part of its name. It does not conceal, it only highlights. It’s great for illuminating, bringing light to the face, just not for concealing. I’ve never used either one but I think it’d resemble something like YSL’s Touche Éclat or MAC’s Prep + Prime. So, basically, had it said «Highlighting Pen» or something of the sort, it wouldn’t have made it to this list, because that’s exactly what it does.

Ink Liner, Wycon

Ink Liner, Wycon

Well, I’ve never been good with liquid liner, I’m more of a pen/felt tip liner kinda gal, but this one’s got to be the worst one I’ve tried. It smudged all over my eyes (seriously, I was rocking the grunge vibe, and not in a flattering manner!), was hard to apply, even harder to remove… It just didn’t do it for me.

Sensitive Facial Cleanser, Burt’s Bees

Sensitive Facial Cleanser, Burt’s Bees

Thankfully I bought this one when Feelunique was having a sale and got some money off, because I sure feel like it was a waste of it. I ended up giving it to my mother-in-law, who says «it’s fine» (nothing more than that, which kinda proves I’m not the one being picky). For me, the problem with this one is that I like my cleansers to actually clean. I love the feeling of it foaming a bit, then feeling like it’s actually cleaning my skin when I’m applying it, and the clean, fresh feeling you’re left with afterwards. This one didn’t do any of that. It was thick, almost a moisturiser-like consistency, and I felt like I was gently rubbing it onto my skin and it wasn’t going in, it was just laying there, not cleansing at all. Which, for a cleanser, isn’t a very good quality…

Exaggerate – Undercover Shadow Primer, Rimmel

Exaggerate – Undercover Shadow Primer, Rimmel

There you have it, guys. The worst of the Worst! I have nothing good to say about this, other than the fact that it’s affordable. But then again, even if it’s affordable, why spend the money on something that doesn’t work at all? I have super oily lids, my eyeshadow will be gone after a few hours, so I’m always looking for a primer that will actually prevent that from happening. Saw this one on that Feelunique sale, thought it’d be good to give it a try. Worst. Decision. Ever! It only made my lids even more oily, the eyeshadow was gone earlier than without this primer! Wast of money, completely.

Pop Matte Lip Color + Primer, Clinique

Pop Matte Lip Colour(s) + Primer in ‘Cute Pop’ and ‘Bold Pop’, Clinique

Well, these were another huge disappointment. The formula’s great (at least for the first 5 minutes, which’s how long they were on my lips for), my problem with it’s the colours. They have absolutely nothing to do with the colour of the packaging! For the lighter one (Cute Pop), I was hoping for a true «your lips but better» shade, you know? It’s actually more of a lighter pink, which isn’t my thing at all. Then for Bold Pop I wanted it to be a rich, wine/burgundy colour and it turned out pretty much magenta, bright pink! So not my cup of tea!

That’s it for my list, guys. Have you tried any of these? Would love to know your opinion!

Also, which products have made it to your Worst of Beauty list? Tell me all about it!


Alice ♄

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    1. I know! It’s like I said, I was just really disappointed with how it looked on me. I think it’s a great lipstick, the problem’s that the colour’s so different on every single person. On me, it’s just ‘meh’, and I know I could’ve used the money on something much better. Xx

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