Christmas Party Looks

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How are you all doing? I hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Today’s post’s all about Christmas Party looks! I’ve never been to one, actually. They’re still not very common in Portugal, and I haven’t had the opportunity to go to a French one. But I do like a chance to get glammed up, so I put together 10 looks (I know, I get way to excited with this type of post…) that I think are appropriate for going to any party this season.

Oh, and don’t worry. I’ve included a bit of everything, so I could try to please all types of style, so I’m pretty sure you’ll find even one look that you like. Also, most of these looks would also be great for New Year’s Eve, so keep them in mind for that!

Look #1

Necklace, rings: Mango | Everything else: Zara

This one’s a bit more daring, since it doesn’t have a top underneath the blazer, but I just love how that looks, it’s classy and elegant. That paired with the long necklace’s just spot on! Then I added the green faux-fur coat because, let’s be real, one needs to be warm until arriving at the party. And you know me, I always like adding a pop of colour to an outfit, so I’ve added the red bag which goes perfectly with everything else!

Look #2

Earrings, bag: H&M | Rings, shoes: Mango | Dress: Next | Coat: Zara

Here I go again with the pop of colour. But blue and red go together perfectly, in my opinion, so I love this look. If I could, I’d get these shoes in every colour possible, they’re simply stunning!

Look #3

Jumpsuit: Mango | Earrings, bracelet: & Other Stories | Rings, coat: Zara | Shoes: H&M | Clutch: Next

Since the whole world (me not included) is obsessed with velvet nowadays, I thought I’d also include it in a look. I thought I’d go with green because it flatters pretty much all skin tones and it’s a colour that’s appropriate for the season. Also, I paired it with all gold accessories since, again, it’s a very festive colour and the two of them go really well together.

Look #4

Top: H&M | Rings, bracelet, shoes: Mango | Skirt, bag, coat: Zara

I’m quite obsessed with this bag and these shoes (surprise, surprise…)! And I do love midi-skirts so you can tell why this look’s one of my favourites. You could always add a blazer so you wouldn’t be as cold, change the heels for some flats, and you’d still be good to go. I love how simple, yet modern this look is.

Look #5

Jumpsuit, bag: Zara | Everything else: Mango

As I mentioned on my recent Look Book post, I love mixing metals – in this case gold and silver. I’m also loving this jumpsuit, I find it stunning, love the detail on the shoulder! And the bag so pretty as well, it reminds me of the 50’s. If you wanted to, you could add a black coat on top, so you wouldn’t be cold on your way to the party.

Look #6

Bracelet, earrings: H&M | Shoes: Mango | Everything else: Zara

You can’t go wrong with gold, black and red, it’s a great combination, mostly so for this time of the year. I love the simplicity of the dress, and the «it» factor of the pompom bag!

Look #7

Top: H&M | Choker, shoes, coat: Mango | Trousers, earrings, bag: Zara

I love this top! It’s absolutely gorgeous, and great for many different occasions. I love the cut of the trousers as well, it’s timeless yet modern, classy and feminine. I do despise chokers, however, so I would wear this one without it. I’d also change the shoes for some heels, but I’ve decided to include some flats here because I know some people just aren’t fond of wearing heels. Both the bag and the coat are pieces you could wear everyday, which is always a plus!

Look #8

Shoes, rings, bracelet: Mango | Dress, coat, bag: Zara

Again, I love the combination of black and blue. I find it timeless, classy, elegant and very flattering. There’s also a bit of velvet on this look – on the shoes -, and I love the bag, it’s beautiful!

Look #9

Necklace, earrings: Mango | Everything else: Zara

This is another one of my favourite looks. It’s pretty simple, but not really if you pay more attention: it has a lace detail on the top of the jumpsuit, the sequins on the copper blazer, the stripes on the clutch, the shape of the shoes, and the pattern of both necklace and earrings. I love it! I also love how everything goes together and totally can see myself wearing this one.

Look #10

Earrings, bag: Mango | Bracelet: H&M | Everything else: Zara

This is my 3rd favourite look. Again, it looks simple fut there are so many details and different textures, which is what makes it much more fun. And, of course, there had to be pops of colour with the burgundy shoes and the green faux-fur coat.

There you have it, guys – my Christmas party looks. What do you think of them? Which look’s your fave? I’d love to know!


Alice ♥

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