Winter Look Book

Hello, lovelies!

How are you all doing? Hope you’ve had a great week! Can’t believe it’s December already, how crazy is that? Time sure flies!

I thought it’d only be appropriate to start the month with my look book, following Wednesday’s How To Look Stylish During Winter post. I’ve limited myself this time and came up with 6 looks (about half of what I usually do come up with!), with only a smarter one. Honestly, I don’t have smarter, dressy clothes for this time of the year. I just don’t go to parties, Christmas and New Years’ are both spend with the family so I usually just amp up one of my usual outfits with some heels and accessories and I’m good to go.

But if you are attending some parties and are on the lookout for inspiration, just keep your eyes peeled for Monday’s post *hint hint*. Anyway, enough with the rambling and on with what you came here to see!

Look #1:

Shirt, jumper, bag and necklace: Mango | Jeans and coat: Zara | Scarf: H&M | Booties: Sfera

If you’ve been around for about a month, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen this look. I’ve been obsessed, what can I say! It’s just so me… As I mentioned on Wednesday’s post, I love adding a jumper on top of a shirt.

And I’m just obsessed with this jumper I got this year from Mango, it’s so warm and cosy! I love both the colour and the shape of it as well. You can’t see it here because I stupidly have my bag covering it,  but it’s slightly opened on the right, on the hip area, which’s quite flattering and a tad edgy as well. And it has vertical stripes on two thirds of the jumper, but from the left shoulder down it changes to horizontal. Again, love that detail, it’s different and adds a nice touch.

I’m so in love with the blazer coat! Grey’s my favourite colour so obviously I love the colour, and I love blazers and coats, so I love the shape. Again, I believe this is a timeless, classic, yet modern and trendy coat that goes with pretty much any outfit, smart or casual! As for the jeans, I only ever wear dark wash jeans, since they go with any outfit, are – again – timeless and more flattering.

The accessories are quite simple. My studded black bag that I got around April or May and the long, sort of ethnic necklace that I got during last Summer’s sales. They’re quite simple but go together perfectly, and with the whole outfit as well. And I’ve added a pop of colour with the burgundy scarf because it’s my second favourite colour and I love pairing it with grey!

For this time of the year, I am just obsessed with ankle boots! Heels, flats, I don’t really mind – though I’ll always prefer heels to flats. These are super comfortable, the heel’s a bit chunky and not that high so it’s easy to walk in. And I like the two little silver buckles on each side, think it’s a nice touch. I got these last year and wear them pretty much every day, when it comes to this time of the year.

Look #2:

Shirt: H&M | Jumper, jeans and trainers: Zara | Coat: Pull & Bear | Bag: Mango | Snood: Primark | Ring: Parfois

I was tempted to say this was another very «me» outfit again but, considering this is my look book, I think it’s needless to say 😛

Here I go again with grey and burgundy. But those two matched with light blue is just my favourite colour combo of all time! I just love how it looks, and I think they go together perfectly. I also like the touch of the white trainers, which you could swap for a pair of stilettos or ankle boots and it’d look amazing either way.

The coat has so many years that I’ve lost count but it’s a dark navy blue, which goes really well with the rest of the outfit.

Look #3:

Coat, jeans and clutch: Zara | Jumper and hat: H&M | Scarf: Springfield | Necklace: Pull & Bear | Booties: La Redoute | Ring: Mum’s gift

I bought this coat on whim because I looked at it, fell in love, grabbed it and payed for it, without thinking of outfits or anything, really, to go with it. I didn’t wear it much at first because I thought I had nothing that went with it but I love pairing it with this outfit, think it goes perfectly.

Another think I like about this outfit is how I mix silver (clutch’s chain), bronze (coat’s buttons) and gold (necklace) – and all three of which are on my ring. I never used to do that but I quite like how it turned out!

Look #4:

Cape/Poncho and jeans: Zara | Jumper, hat and belt: H&M | Bag: Mango | Snood: Primark | Booties: Pull & Bear | Ring: Parfois

This is a look that I came up with for this post but I just love how it turned out and I’ll be wearing it loads for sure! I’m obsessed with the colours, they’re perfect for this time of the year. Yes, I know, here I go with the burgundy… It just goes well with everything!

The cape / poncho thing was given to me and I actually think it’s by Zara Men, but who cares, right? It looks good, and for me it’s pretty unisex. The booties do let the cold come in but, as my best friend said when I told her this, women pay the price for beauty and those booties are worth it (such wise words! 😉 ).

I have to admit, the coat here isn’t very practical since, with adding the belt, you don’t have much room for moving your arms. But without the coat it’s more practical and that’s how I’ll be wearing it for sure!

Look #5:

Jumper: Sfera | Jeans: Zara | Parka: La Redoute | Bag: Mango | Hat: H&M | Scarf: Springfield | Ring: Parfois | Boots: Seaside

I know this isn’t the trendiest look but I love all things in it. The parka’s great for this time of the year because it has the softest, warm lining, which is detachable so you could still wear the parka (outer) when it’s not as cold out. And the fur’s also removable, I just like how it looks.

Dusty pink’s pretty much the only pink I like, and this jumper’s one of the softest and cosiest I own (it was so affordable…!). These boots I bought on my second or third year of Uni, I believe. It drives me bonkers that they’re uneven (one’s straight and firm, the other one’s more malleable and sort of tumbling down). But that happens when it’s real suede so I don’t think there’s anything I can do to change that. And I do love them, from the colour, to the material, to the heel. They’re the most comfy boots to wear and I’ve worn them to death since I got them.

And yes, I just had to add the burgundy touch 😛

Look #6:

Jumper: Mango | Trousers, ring and hat: H&M | Coat, clutch and stilettos: Zara | Scarf: Oysho | Watch: Parfois

Can we take a second to appreciate the fact that there’s no burgundy in this look? Sure, some could argue that the jumper’s pretty close to burgundy, but I go with ‘cherry’ 😉 I got it recently and it has been one of my absolute favourites.

I just like this look in general, think it’s young and trendy, yet still timeless and appropriate for all ages. It’s great for going out with friends, on a date, for work (just change the bag and you’ll be good to go)… You name it!

That’s it for this post, guys. Which look was your fave? Also, what’s your go-to Winter outfit? Tell me all about it!


Alice ♥

4 thoughts on “Winter Look Book

    1. Thanks, dear! I still have to find a Christmas jumper but, for the time being, that red one will have to do 😜 it’s super cosy and warm! Xx


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