How To Look Stylish During Winter

Hello, lovelies!

How are you all doing? Hope you’re having a great week so far!

Since Winter is coming, I thought it’d be interesting for me to write a post on how to look stylish during this time of the year. Goodness know’s if struggled with this for soooo many Winters…! For me, there are quite a few pieces of advice that key to keeping a more polished look during the colder months:

♥ Layer! Thank goodness that a shirt underneath a jumper’s been trendy for a while now, it’s something that saved my life (or my style, at least!). Another good idea’d be to wear a vest top underneath a nice shirt, and with a proper cardigan over it all. Or adding like a leather jacket on top of your shirt/jumper, and then a coat over it.

♥ Statement coat! A nice way to spice up any Winter outfit’s to get a nice, statement-y coat. Be it with a different cut, a different colour, or even with a print. A statement coat is always a good idea, and a good investment to make since it’s going to last you for quite a few Winters…

♥ A pop of colour! I’m always an advocate for this, but adding a pop of colour to your outfit’s always a good idea, mostly so during this time of the year. Most of us tend to go for like black boots, darker jeans, a black coat… Adding a pop of colour to that’s almost mandatory! Not really, but you get my point (hopefully!) Be it a scarf, a hat, a bag or some shoes, add some colour – even if, like me, the only colour you’re up to adding during this time of the year’s burgundy (or grey, not sure if it qualifies as a pop of colour though…).


As usual, I went on Pinterest to find some pictures of what I mean by all of this. *Spoiler alert* I’ll be sharing my Winter Look Book this Friday so you’ll see how I personally like to style my outfits this time of the year, but since that’s my personal style and not everybody’s cup of tea, I thought I’d share some looks here, on this post, that are more varied in terms of style. This way, I’m sure there’ll be one for everybody.

What about you, guys? What do you do to keep looking stylish during Winter? I’d love to know your tips!


Alice ♥

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