November Favourites!

Hello, lovelies!

How are you all doing? Hope you’ve had a great week!

I can’t believe we’re at the end of November! Seriously, time has flown by this year, I feel like January was just yesterday… But enough with the rambling and on with what you came here for, my November Faves! I’ve been loving a bit of everything, really, so I think this is gonna be another long post 😛


Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, Kiehl’s

I’ve written a whole post on this baby (here) so I feel like it’s all been said. It works brilliantly and made me believe that under eye moisturisers do work after all ♥


‘Breath of Plum’ Blush, MAC | ‘Normaderm BB Clear’, Vichy | ‘Nude Magique Cushion’, L’Oreal | ‘All-in-one Instablur’, The Body Shop

These are the face products that I’ve been loving the most this month. I got back on the Instablur wagon, since it’s the only primer I got and it does a nice job at keeping me matte for longer while making my pores look smaller.

I’ve been going back and forth between these two ‘foundations’: the Normaderm – BB Cream by Vichy, and the Nude Magique Cushion Foundation from L’Oreal. The first one I tend to use more when I have a few blemishes, since it does a great job at healing them and it’s overall a very good product. The latter I use more when my skin’s clearer, for a more natural, ‘no makeup makeup’ sort of look.

Also, I’ve been reaching for MAC’s Breath of Plum blush because it’s perfect for this time of the year! It’s very berry-ish, matte, and highly pigmented so you do have to have a light hand when you’re applying it.

These are all the eye products I’ve been loving this month. I just had to include my Tartelette in Bloom, because, just look at it, it’s the most gorgeous palette ever! And it’s perfect for Autumn with all the browns, bricks, burgundies and coppers! ♥

Also, I’ve been loving MAC’s Haux eyeshadow, since it’s somewhere in between a brown and a purple – stunning! And it’s matte, which makes it perfect for the crease, which is how I’ve been using it the most.

With Haux, I’ve been pairing either that 219 Metallic Rose eyeshadow by Kiko, which is a true rose gold, or my most purply eyeshadows from my Nabla palette that I put together at the end of last year (here).

Also, I love to add something to my top lashes to make them seem thicker and fuller, either eyeliner or an eye pencil, which I then like to smudge. These two have been my faves!

I’ve also been loving these three lippies, which are perfect for Autumn / Winter! The 915 Mauve by Kiko’s perfect for when you want a berry/purple-ish lip, but more natural. It’s creamy and more on the sheer side, so it only lasts a couple of hours on the lips, but it’s one of my favourites because of both the colour and the finish.

The 13 Plum Concentrate I’ve already talked about on previous posts, but I can talk about these stains by Sephora for days! They’re the most stunning formula, the scent’s heavenly (though I can’t quite figure out what it reminds me of), it lasts long on the lips, even if you eat of drink. I have a couple of colours and love them both equally, they’re stunning! ♥

I’d been thinking for the whole month whether or not I should include Transylvania on this post. Though I’m most obsessed with the colour (my first vampy lip), it’s patchy, applies very unevenly. I had my eyes on Train Bleu by Nars but I didn’t want to splurge so I searched for dupes and everybody was saying this was it. Well, there’s a reason it’s so affordable… The colour’s stunning but the finish’s a downfall.

Random bits and bobs


This time of the year’s my favourite for fashion and styling. I just love the pieces, the colours, the fabrics, the layering… I just love adding a cosy jumper on top of a shirt, and then adding a scarf and some heeled ankle boots!


It snowed! 😀 I lived in Portugal for 24 years so I didn’t get snow. You can imagine my happiness when my boyfriend woke me up saying wake up, it’s snowing outside! 😀 It snowed quite a bit for about three/four hours, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures and looking out the window ♥ can’t wait for more of it to come!

Autumnal Walks + Landscapes

I know I’ve already talked about this on last month’s Favourites but I just love this time of the year, everything’s more beautiful. So I just had to share that with you and include it on this month’s faves as well 🙂

Pretty flowers


While on the subject of nature, I thought I’d share this flower arrangement that I put together as well. It’s pretty simple but I think the flowers and the colours are just stunning. And who doesn’t like flowers, right? 😉 😛

New Mug + New Cookies

Totally random, I know, but this month I got these ginger cookies from Ikea that are so yummy! Also, can we take a second to appreciate the prettiness of the tin? It’s so Christmassy and beautiful ♥

Also, I’m pretty much obsessed with tea and mugs and got this oxblood one this month that’s just me in a mug! And it’s quite big so, whenever I feel like drinking a bucket load of tea, this is the mug I’ll use 😛

Mum’s Gifts

Again, so random, but I’ve been obsessed with these two gifts my mum sent me this month! If you don’t know this about me, I love black and white cows so I was thrilled when I got these in the mail! They’re super comfy, super warm, and so me 😛

Also, the little grey pompom’s not only trendy, but I love having a ball of fluff hanging around 😛

That’s it for this month’s favourites! What have you guys been loving this month? I’d love to know!


Alice ♥

9 thoughts on “November Favourites!

    1. I’d been wanting to try it for so long too, but I’m glad I finally did. It’s worth every penny and I can tell it’s going to last a very long time, since you only need the tiniest bit. Completely worth the investment 🙂 xx

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    1. Thanks, dear 😊 the slippers are just too cute! And so warm and comfy as well! I do love me some leaves, mostly so this time of the year. Everything’s just too beautiful, the colours are stunning 😍 xx

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