October Favourites!

Hello, lovelies!

How are you guys doing? Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and wish you the best start to an hopefully amazing week 🙂

And what better way to start it than to share with you my current obsessions, all the products I’ve been loving recently, specially so in the month of October.

So grab a snack, a drink, whatever you feel like, and enjoy the post 😉


‘Modern Friction – Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion’, Origins | ‘Aqua – Hydrating Mask (with aloe vera and jojoba oil’, Cien | ‘Drops of Youth – Youth Concentrate’, The Body Shop

During October, I loved these skincare products! The Modern Friction – Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion I got on my Feelunique haul (here). It’s only a sample size but it lasts such a long time, since you only need a small amount. I never use exfoliants but this one’s so gentle that I use it once ir twice a week, on top of doing my usual detox clay mask.

I was having a bit of a breakout crisis when I applied it for the first time and I swear, after applying it only once, my skin cleared! After using it once! I should’ve taken a before and after picture so you’d see what I mean but the difference was so evident. The day after using it for the first time (I did so at night, before bed), my mother-in-law said to me: your skin’s cleared overnight, what have you done?

This product’s a miracle in a tube and it’ll definitely be going on my Christmas List!

As for the Youth Concentrate, at first I thought it was doing nothing to my face, there was no difference whatsoever, thought it’d been a complete waste of money. But then, after about a month, I began to see the difference. My skin does look overall better, the first fine lines around my eyes are not so evident anymore, it has helped with the texture of the skin and evening out pigmentation. Since I bought it with a discount, I think it was definitely worth the investment but I think I’ll be trying another one when this is over, just to see how it compares.

This Cien mask’s the best hydrating face mask I’ve ever applied to my face! If you have a LIDL near you, see if you can find them (I can’t in France, my mum sends them to me by mail 😛 ). They cost about €1 / $ 1,10 / £0,90 and you get two for that price, which’s crazy! It’s very thick, deeply moisturising, has a very subtle scent and you’ll be able to see the difference on your skin after the first time you apply it. Totally worth the money!


Miracle Complexion Sponge, Real Techniques


Sorry the picture for the sponge’s different than the other ones but my sponge’s a bit dirty at the moment 😛

The way I’ve been applying my makeup for the past month’s with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I’ll be honest, I never thought it’d work on my skin, since I’m rather oily (less so in the colder months, but still). It works brilliantly! I love it for foundation, concealer, and then setting all that in place with my translucent powder (this one by Wycon’s my favourite).

Another thing that I thought wouldn’t work on my skin was the Magic Cushion Foundation by L’Oréal. It works so well! It surprises me that I manage to stay shine-free for up to 6 hours! This truly is a record for me, my makeup never lasted me so long without going all shiny. I swear, it’s the combination of these three products!

This combo has been everything! Every time I’ve left the house, it has been with winged liner and vampy lips. Vampy for me anyways, since it’s the vampiest colour I own (currently looking to get that sorted out 😉 ).

The Super Liner – Perfect Slim by L’Oréal’s my favourite liner of all time, this’ my third or fourth one. It just gets the job done so easily for me, it takes me literally about 3 minutes to do both eyes! And it’s really affordable as well so I couldn’t recommend it more.

This lip stain by Sephora’s just heavenly (13 Plum Concentrate)! I’ve shared it with you on both my Autumn Lipsticks and Swatches posts, where I said I’d make an effort to wear it more, since I love it so much. Well, I kept my promise and the result’s obvious: I can’t wear anything else now! 😛


I’ve been obsessed with an outfit I put together wearing a few of the items I got on my recent Autumn / Winter Style Haul: a black and white, chequered shirt; a grey blazer coat, a studded belt, darkwash jeans, black Converse and a burgundy scarf (I’ve been wearing that scarf almost every single day 😛 ). It’s just a very «me» outfit, I feel so comfortable in it, I love the colours, the prints, the cuts, the shapes, everything’s perfect.

Social Media:

This past month I’ve been making an effort to be more active on social media, mostly so on Instagram. It’s just my favourite, what can I say…


So, if you don’t follow me there yet, I can assure you, you’re missing out on life 😛 My username’s alice.bdramalho, in case you’re interested in following what I post.


Since it’s Autumn – aka my favourite season out of the four -, there’s a specific set of random things that I’ve been loving and that are so apropriate for the season.

Autumnal walks and pretty leaves

I love going for walks, mostly so during Autumn. Everything’s just so beautiful, the colours are stunning, and there’s just something about feeling the cold air in your face as you go for a walk, and something about stepping on stunning leaves. Or is that just me? 😛

My wallpaper


So random, I know, but I’ve changed my wallpaper on my phone for something more season-appropriate. I found this one on Pinterest and fell in love with it straight away! It’s so beautiful ♥



Again, so random, I know, but one of the things I love the most in life are chestnuts. Specially if they’re roasted, like these ones *insert heart eye, drooling emoji*. As soon as Autumn (aka chestnut season) ends, I’m always immediately looking forward to next Autumn, so I can eat these again. The love is strong, guys! 😛


If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I’m utterly obsessed with tea. I just love the fuzzy, warm feeling that I nice cup o’ tea leaves you with. So Autumn’s a great excuse for bring my collection out and buying new ones at the supermarket (seriously, I’ve been buying one or two packs a week, that’s how much tea I’ve been drinking 😛 ). I’ve recently tried one from Lipton that’s called Blue Fruit and it’s so good!

That’s all for this post, guys! Sorry it was such a long one but, what can I say, I’m a passionate person 😛

What have you guys loved the past month? I’d love to know!


Alice ♥

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