Special Post: Matching Autumn Trends

Hello, lovelies!

How are you all doing? Hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far 🙂

Today I bring you another special post, this time mentioning Adore Me. I’ve done a post with them about a year ago, and they kindly reached out again this year to see if I was interested in writing yet another one 🙂

This one’s about Autumn Trends and pairing them together. For me, Autumn’s all about colours and layers. I love my greys, berry, purples, greens, earthy colours and nudes, so I’ve put together a post matching my favourites with Adore Me’s sets because, I admit, I’m a fan of matching things. And they do have gorgeous sets (here)!

I’ve matched a few with my makeup, and others with some of my new clothes that I bought for Autumn / Winter (see my haul here), I hope you like what I’ve put together 🙂

Here are my favourite sets:


Gorgeous inspiration, right? ♥


For Nudes I’ve chosen to match the stunning Paris Unlined set to a very natural, “no makeup makeup” look (and a nude jumper). I love me some nudes, they’re stunning colours, very flattering and very feminine as well.greys

Grey’s most likely my favourite colour so I’m pretty much always wearing grey. Though it goes well with everything, I thought I’d pair my new Zara blazer coat with the Elvinia Unlined Set. I love its shape, it’s different from anything I own, and I love the colour (duh! Obviously! 😛 ). Grey’s such a neutral, classic, timeless colour, I love it!


Who doesn’t love berry shades for Autumn, right? I’m completely obsessed them, in very thing I can get, be it a cosy jumper like this one I got from Mango, lipsticks, mugs, scarves, bags, you name it! So I just had to pick the Damariss Push-Up, since it’s absolutely gorgeous!


Similarly to berry shades, purples are very Winter-appropriate, in my opinion. I just love the colour! Be it on a lipstick, on a liquid liner (you can see both of them here – spoiler alerta post on the look will be coming shortly), on some accessories or even in underwear, it’s one of my favourite colours to rock during the colder months. And the Florence Push-Up set’s just stunning. I love the colour, the delicacy, the femininity, it’s gorgeous!


Something else that’s very Autumnal are earthy shades, I just love them! They suit most skin colours and pair so well with almost anything. Here I’ve decided to pair my favourite earthy, ‘your lips but better’ lipstick (Nars Bahama) with the stunning Aidan Push-Up set. Not only do I love its colours, I love the flowers as well, and all the detail in it. Stunning!


Another perfect Autumnal / Wintery shade, in my book, is this deep emerald green. It’s also one of my favourite colours, I find it relaxing, soothing, and overall really flattering. I don’t particularly like other greens, this’ pretty much the only shade I like. I’ve decided to pair this jumper that I also got from Mango with the beautiful Venetia Unlined Set. I’m just in love with it, I love the colour, the shape, the detail… Gorgeous!

That’s it for this special post, guys! Tell me what do you love to pair during these colder months, I’d love to know!


Alice ♥

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