Special Post: Styling For The Office

Hello, lovelies!

How are you all doing? As you might’ve figured out by now, I have a special post for you, today. It’s all about how to style your office attire for the colder months.

During the warm months, we all know it’s easier. For the ladies, a nice top or blouse, a shirt, and a cute cardigan or blazer on top that we can remove once we’re inside. For the men, a shirt, some light trousers, and a blazer that they can remove once they’re indoors.

When it comes to the colder months, it gets trickier. But I can assure you, it’s pretty simple and not scary at all. The secret’s all about layering so I’m going to leave you with 14 looks (7 for women and 7 for men) that are appropriate for the office during the colder seasons. Hope you like my choices 🙂

As per usual, all items are from Zara and Mango. I swear I don’t really mean to, it’s just that I start browsing in those two and immediately find all the things I like.


♥ Look #1

1, 3: Mango | Everything else: Zara

I think this’ a great look for the office since it’s rather smart, but you could also totally wear it more casually. I love the combination of all these colours, the chequered prints on both the shirt and the scarf, and the edgy touch of the bandana on the hat!

You could also add a black blazer

♥ Look #2

2: Mango | Everything else: Zara

Again, I love the colour combo in this look. Burgundy, khaki, light blue, grey and black, you can’t go wrong with those. I know it seems like a lot of colours but they’re all sort of in the same family and go really well together.

♥ Look #3

4: Mango | Everything else: Zara

Another colour combo that I like’s grey with brown (okay, okay, I love grey with everything!). As for the beanie, I’ve included so that you could be protected from the cold on your way to the office, not necessarily for you to wear in the office 😛 And I thought the ethnic, different jumper would look cool for work, since it’s a bit out of the usual.

♥ Look #4

1, 3: Mango | Everything else: Zara

Khaki, beige and brown’s a classic combo so I’ve decided to include it here. I’ve also added a touch of grey with the shirt and some navy blue with the jumper, which works really well with the whole look, in my opinion.

♥ Look #5

1: Mango | Everything else: Zara

Here I go again with a not-so-typical jumper. I just love how they look and I think it’s nice to be different and not look like everyone else. And I find that the colour combo of this look really works as well 🙂

♥ Look #6

1, 6, 7: Mango | Everything else: Zara

I really like mixing prints so I like how the tiny polka dots on the shirt go with the scarf. Again, I love the combination of all these colours: burgundy, blue, beige, brown and grey. It works!

♥ Look #7

5, 6: Zara | Everything else: Mango

Here I go again with a similar colour scheme. I love me some Vichy print, hence why I opted for this shirt. I also really like the colour and how it goes so well with everything else I’ve chosen for the look.


♥ Look #1

2, 7, 8: Mango | Everything else: Zara

This look’s very me! Black, white, grey, burgundy, a touch of colour, geometric print, it’s everything I love. And I love the fact that it can be worn without any of the jackets / coats during the warmer months. You can wear both jackets if it’s really cold, or one of the two if you don’t need the extra layer (goodness knows I do!).

♥ Look #2

5, 6, 7: Mango | Everything else: Zara

I’m so obsessed with this look, I feel like buying everything for myself and wear it every single day (okay, alternating with the 1st one and other’s that I’m showing you next)! I love the combination of blue and red, the combination of blue and grey, and the combination of different shades of blue paired together. And I love pairing a shirt and a jumper! And stilettos, I do love them. And this sort of bag 😛

♥ Look #3

4, 7, 8, 9: Mango | Everything else: Zara

This one’s a bot more edgy, though still very feminine and work-appropriate. I really like mixing prints, so I love how the scarf goes with the blouse. Also, you could choose not to wear the cardigan, but I’ve added it just in case you’re like me and need the extra layer.

♥ Look #4

5, 6, 7: Mango | Everything else: Zara

This’ the most formal one of the bunch. The way I’d wear this one would be the dress, the cardigan, and then the belt on my waist over both the dress and the cardigan. This way, it’s more flattering and you don’t end up looking like a bag of potatoes 😛

♥ Look #5

3, 6, 7, 9: Zara | Everything else: Mango

There are so many things about this look that I love! The blouse (shape and colour), the trousers (shape and colour), the scarf, the hat, the pumps… This, as the previous one, is another more polished, smarter look, but you can take each piece and wear it in a more casual outfit during the weekend 😉

♥ Look #6

4, 5, 7: Zara | Everything else: Mango

Another bombo that I love’s beige and white. There’s just something about it that I find stunning and refined. Again, I like everything about this look. I haven’t added a cardigan or a lighter coat to this look, but you totally could, should you want to.

♥ Look #7

5, 8, 9: Mango | Everything else: Zara

This’ another one of my favourite looks! There’s just something about a stripy white shirt, paired with a nude jumper, some navy trousers, and burgundy and dark khaki accessories. I love how these colours pair together. This is another look that I’d wear every single day!

What do you guys think of my suggestions? Which looks are your faves?

Also, I’d love to know how you like to dress for the office, tell me all about it 🙂


Alice ♥

This post’s inspired by Tommy John. You can click here for their website and browse through their clothes and underwear, which are great value for money!

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