Two Weeks of Lips: A Few Hacks

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you’ve had a great week and that you’ve enjoyed my Two Weeks of Lips series here on the blog.

As today’s the last post of said series, I thought I’d end it with a few hacks for when it comes to lips. Some of these you may already know, but others might just surprise you and you might learn something from this post so just read away 😉

♥ Rub cucumber slices on your lips. The phytochemicals found in cucumbers tighten the collagen in your lips, making them appear plump and hydrated. Massage your lips for several minutes with freshly cut cucumber slices.

♥ Conceal and powder your lips before applying your lipstick, so that the colour you get’s the one on the bullet. How many times have we bought a lipstick because it looks so beautiful on someone else and, when we actually apply it on our lips, it looks nothing alike? I had that happening to me quite a few times! This trick’s the way to ensure that doesn’t happen 😉

♥ Add highlighter to cupid’s bow (or, if you’re like me and never wear highlighter, just apply a lighter concealer or an illuminating one.). This will bring light to the area and give the illusion of a fuller pout.

Go in with bronzer under the lower lip, to create the illusion of a shadow. This will also give the illusion of a fuller lower lip.

♥ If you want your somewhat shinny lipstick to appear matte or you just want your lippie to last longer, then, after applying it, put a tissue paper over your lips and powder it. Any powder will do the trick and your lipstick will last much longer and look matte.

Also, if you choose to apply your lipstick with a lip brush, it will also make it last longer.

♥ If you’ve messed up while applying your lipstick (mostly so if it’s a darker one), don’t panic, you can correct the shape. You just have to go in with concealer and a definer brush around the edges (also helps keeping lipstick in place for longer).

♥ To avoid lipstick  on the teeth, after applying it, stick your index finger in your mouth and sort of drag it out (hopefully you’ll know what I mean, it’s somewhat difficult to explain).

♥ If you want to line your lips with a lip pencil, you should bear this in mind :


♥ Also, while on the subject of lining the lips, you can always go in with a lip liner to make sure your lipstick doesn’t move, or even to give your lips the shape you’ve always wanted them to have (I know I always overline my top one a bit).

→ Go in with a colour that’s close to your natural lip colour for a more natural look, you can pair it with pretty much every colour lipstick you want.

→ Go in with a colour that matches the lipstick you’re applying afterwards, mostly so if you’re wearing a bold lip.

→ Should you want to, you could also go in with a cool-toned, more ashy lip liner to give the illusion of a shadow, therefore giving more definition to the lip (and overall to the whole face). It’s the same as contouring, only for the lips.

That’s all for this post, guys. Do you know some hacks that I haven’t included? Did you know all of these ones? I’d love to know!


Alice ♥

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Lips: A Few Hacks

  1. Whenever I want a long lasting dark lipstick, I fill up whole lips with lip liner and add a coat of lipstick and blot it and add an another coat of lipstick and in this way, even after food or drink, still there is more chance of lip colour stays longer

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