September Faves!

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I bring you my September Favourites – seriously, though, doesn’t it feel like time just flies by? I can’t believe it’s already the last day of September. It’s nearly Christmas!!! 😛

I have quite a few favourites to share with you this month, from Fashion, to Skincare, Make-up and Food (Yumm!), so I better get on with it!

(P.S. – I’m writing this as I finish the post. Be advised: it’s a long one! I’ve started writing it thinking I don’t have that much to show/talk about… Yeah… Right… :-P)


I purchased these two blouses at the beginning of the month and I absolutely love them both, they’re so «me»! You can see I’ve been wearing them loads because they’re already a bit creased 😛 You’ve already seen them in a couple posts (here and here) but I don’t think I’ve ever properly shown them here (only on Instagram).

They’re both from C&A and cost €12 / $13,45 / £10,40 each! What a bargain! I never used to shop at C&A because I don’t think the quality’s any good. I much prefer to shop at H&M, for about the same price and much better quality. These two surprised me, though. They were super affordable and the fabric’s really nice! And they’re gorgeous ♥

The first one’s burgundy with little white and black hearts and a black Peter Pan Collar. The second one’s dark blue with cream, mustard and burgundy flowers, and a dark blue Peter Pan Collar.

You can find out more about them on the website, by clicking here.


I know it’s rather unusual to share a pyjama but I absolutely love this one! I bought it in Portugal because I was in need of some mid-season pj’s and I fell in love with this one. This print was also available in shorts but, since I’m always cold and colder times are approaching, I decided to go for the long trousers.

For the top, there were also two options: a dark green strappy top with lace detail on the neckline, or a shirt-like, long-sleeved top which had the same pattern as the trousers. Since I thought it’d be too much to pair the two floral pieces, I ended up picking the top instead.

(I also bought another pyjama, which is a bit warmer so I haven’t started wearing it yer, which has a simple white jumper, that I can also wear with these trousers.)

Shop the trousers: here.                                                                                            Shop the top: here.

I’ve been obsessed with these sunnies ever since I got them last month! I only owned a pair of black ones from H&M, which were pretty similar in style to Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer style. I’d been wanting a brown pair for quite a while and I ended up purchasing these ones by Mango, which are similar to Ray-Ban’s Erika style.

The frame’s tortoiseshell, the sides are gold, and they were €15,99 / $29,99 / £17,99. Shop them here.

(Oh, and I’m obsessed with the case for them as well, which was made by my mum 😀 )

What do you think? They look okay, right? 😛


I’ve also been loving accessories! I bought most of these while I was back in Portugal for the holidays and I’m obsessed with all of them! I’ll show you more in detail so you can also fall in love with them 😛

Necklace: Mango (Summer Sales)
Earrings – Parfois (I’m obsessed with them!)
Bracelet (and watch, which I’ve had for years) – Parfois
Ring (came in a pack, I’ve had it for a couple of years) – H&M



Though I bought a lot of things from The Body Shop this month (haul post here), my skin didn’t appreciate the change in the skincare routine so I’ve been breaking out like I hadn’t in a very long while! Also, most products I haven’t been trying for long enough to have a proper opinion yet, since they haven’t had the time to work their magic yet.

This product worked its magic the moment I first applied it to my lips, though. Seriously, after applying it twice, my lips were super soft and all the little cracks were gone! I’m a massive fan of it, apply it every night before going to bed, and I’ll definitely be repurchasing it!

It costs €6 / $8 / £4.


Since I’ve been having a breakout for the past couple of weeks, this boy’s been my best friend! Though it has a really intense scent, it does work on blemishes, keeping them under control, drying them and preventing them from growing even more. You have to be careful for it not to dry the area around the blemishes, though, since it’s a drying product.

It costs €15 / $18 / £11, lasts for months and it’s worth every penny!



Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner, Sephora

This little thing it’s magic! Can’t be bothered to wash your brushes regularly? No shame, neither do I… This one’ll be your best friend, then. Every day or two, just spray it on your brushes, then rub them a bit on a piece of kitchen paper or an old towel and you’re good to go, all the bacteria’s gone! Also, it has a really nice scent and leaves your brushes clean(-ish) and soft!

It costs €6,20 / $8,50 / £6 (approx.).

BB Clear, Normaderm – Vichy

For those of you that don’t know about Vichy, it’s a great, affordable Pharmacy skincare brand. And the Normaderm range’s the one targeted for blemished/oily skin. I had money to spend on a specific Pharmacy back in Portugal so I ended up picking this BB Cream and boy, am I glad I did! I love it!

When I bought it, after a week of applying it everyday I could already see the difference: about 80% of my blemishes was gone! The only problem’s the colour range, they don’t have many options so I had to go for the lighter one. It’s okay, I can make it work, but I wish they’d come out with more colours. Oh, and I wish it had a pump! I always end up putting to much on the back of my hand, so a lot of product ends up being wasted.

I believe the price was around €16 / $18 / £14 and I’ll definitely be repurchasing it!

Soft Touch Blush in ‘105’, Kiko

Don’t know if they still make this one (can’t find it on the website) but I’d be devastated if they didn’t. For me, this is the perfect blush colour, and it’s so pigmented that you just have to lightly touch your brush on the product to get the perfect amount. I tend to use it more during Autumn / Winter but I believe it’s a colour that’s perfect for all year round.

Can’t remember the price because I bought it a year ago (maybe two?) and, as I mentioned above, I can’t find it on Kiko’s website. But it’s by Kiko so it wasn’t at all expensive!

Knowing the number of looks I’ve already posted this month off of this palette, you must’ve seen it coming 😛 This was the only eyeshadow palette (and eyeshadows in general) that I took with me to Portugal, because it really does have every colour I could possibly need. Of course, that’s my personal preference, I like my warm shadows, browns, brownish-shimmers, plums… Yeah, this one’s perfect for me! Oh, and the eyeshadows are super pigmented and I don’t get any fallout at all.

It costs $45 , which is around €40 / £35.

I’ve talked about this palette almost a year ago (read about it here) but I’ve pretty much put this baby together using only Nabla eyeshadows. I didn’t know the brand beforehand but the colours were stunning (and I didn’t own anything similar to any of them), they swatched beautifully (pigmented and without fallout) and were very affordable.

Both the empty palette and each shadow were €6 / $6,75 / £5,20.

This is, without a doubt, my favourite eyeliner ever! This’s the third one I’ve bought and it’s just so easy and effortless to do your eyeliner with it. Also, it’s really black and pigmented, and the nibble’s very thin. All that, for me, sums up the perfect liner! ♥

It costs around €12 / $13,45 / £10,40.

And finally, food!

If you follow me around on Instagram, you’ll have already seen what I’m about to show you. Autumn, for me, is pretty much tea, pomegranates, chestnuts, warm and cozy jumpers, jackets, scarves and ankle boots. So, on the very first day of Autumn, this is what I bought:


Do any of you guys like them too? I love pomegranates, it’s one of my favourite fruits (and things to eat, in general. And I love both food and eating so that’s a big claim!). Also, I look at it and it instantly makes me think of Autumn,  it just leaves me happy 🙂

Also, as I mentioned above, I love me some tea, mostly so during the colder months. And I’ve already started this season’s massive consumption of tea and shared this picture of it on Instagram, accompanied by some lovely porridge.


For those wondering about the porridge, I make it in a pan with walnut milk, then add berry coulis on top and sprinkle with some coconut. Yumm! ♥

And, at last, that’s it for this month’s faves! Sorry for the long post, guys 😛 I’d love to know your favourites so please share them in the comments below!


Alice ♥

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