What’s In My Bag

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I bring you a type of post that I’m sure you’ve already seen everywhere, a ‘what’s in my bag’ (really, Alice? They haven’t figured that out by the title or anything…). I’ve always thought about doing a post like this but, to be honest, I always totally forgot about it 😛

But I remembered this time and I thought I’d share with you the contents of my bag, which I haven’t gone through before taking these pictures so what you’ll see is what was actually there.

Well, enough with the rambling and on to the pictures!

The bag

Well, there isn’t much to say about it. This is my absolute favourite bag out of every bag that I own, I love the style, the colour and how much it fits, I think it’s perfect (specially for Spring / Summer)! ♥

What’s actually inside

This is everything that’s actually inside my bag. I’ll go into details in a bit but just wanted to show you where everything sits.

What’s in the back compartment

This is what’s in my back-most compartment and it’s pretty basic: a mirror and my wallet 😛 it amazes me how this big wallet fits inside of this not-so-big bag!

What’s in the front compartment

And this is everything that’s in the front compartment, which is a lot!

♥ I’ve got Kleenex / pocket tissues because you never know when you’re going to need some.

♥ Hand-sanitising towelettes, because I’m always cleaning my hands (and these smell nice!).

♥ Hand-sanitiser.

♥ Train and bus schedules (3 of them for 3 different types of transportation).

♥ Travelcard.

♥ Painkillers.

♥ Lip balm – my favourite, Crazy Rumor’s Black Cherry.

♥ Eye drops. I still have to use them since I got Lasik not that long ago.

♥ Sunnies.

♥ Two packs of strawberry-flavoured gum, one of which is actually empty 😛 (told you I hand’t gone through my bag prior to taking these pictures…)

Everything that’s in my bag

And there you have it, guys! This’ everything that’s in my bag!

For those of you who noticed that my phone wasn’t in my bag, I was actually taking my photos with it but it usually goes in the front-most compartment (replacing the sunnies, which are usually on my face) 😛

And for those of you horrified with my sunglasses being in there the way they are (without being in a case), they’re from H&M and cost me €5 / $5,50 / £4, so I’m not worried about getting scratches on them.

Hope you’re having a lovely week!


Alice ♥

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