How To: Shorts

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today’s post is another one in the ‘How to’ series, this time about shorts. Those of you who know me better are probably thinking ‘why on Earth is she writing about how to wear shorts?’ And the reason for them thinking that’s pretty simple: I don’t wear shorts. Ever!

This post I did a while ago pretty much explains why it started out that way but now I haven’t been exercising (not that I ever did!) and I haven’t been as careful with what I’ve been eating so I’ve been feeling a bit self-conscious. There’s always an excuse! 😛

However, I do love shorts! I love them on other people and I’ve tried a few on myself that I really loved (on the hangar, that is 😛 ). Mostly now that Summer’s coming (to everywhere but France, apparently!), I just love the countless stylish combinations you can get with shorts, from casual to edgy, to romantic, to smart… You name it!

As with Monday’s post, I’ve picked some outfit pictures from Pinterest and browsed through some brands’ websites (Oh!, the dull life!) so I could share with you my favourite shorts in stores right now. Hope you like this post 🙂

Denim / Blue Shorts


Prints / Pop of Colour


Black & White

After searching all of this shorts to share with you guys, I felt like purchasing almost every single one of them! *Breathe, Alice. Breathe!*

Do you guys like shorts? Do you wear them often? I’d love to know! 🙂


Alice ♥


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