Yet Another Update On My Life

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I bring you a little update on my life. Don’t know if you know this but June didn’t get off to a great start here in France. There were major floods and, of course, the area where I live was the most affected (That’s what happens when it rains nonstop for at least 3 months! -.-‘ ).

All the entries/exits of the city were blocked, no one could enter or leave, we had no electricity and the city centre was completely flooded, as you can see.

That’s why I’ve been away from social media, I had no access to the internet for the past week. Lucky I’m a control freak and had a couple of weeks worth of posts scheduled! Phew!

Hope you haven’t missed me too much 😉 ha ha, just kidding. Hope your June started off better than mine! 😛


Alice ♥

10 thoughts on “Yet Another Update On My Life

    1. Now it feels like summer ☺️ they’re still cleaning up and some areas still have a bit more water than they should but it’s much better now 😊 We sort of had this in Portugal as well but not like this, not this much. Xx

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      1. That’s good☺ We’ve had some real crazy weather too. Snow a couple of weeks ago and now loads of thunder, lightening and rain. It’s nice today though. X

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      2. Snow? The world’s gone crazy! 😳 here it’s been raining ever since I got here (3 months) but now it’s finally warm and sunny. It’s so warm that it feels like summer, though. Meaning we pretty much skipped spring and went from winter to summer literally from night to day 😂😳 xx

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      3. I know it didn’t settle but it actually snowed in May! I’ve actually been in winter clothes since October it’s been so cold yet today’s like summer too. Just nuts😂 x

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