New Found Love: Strathberry Of Scotland

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with a brand I fell in love recently: Strathberry of Scotland. I discovered them while watching one of Lily Pebble’s videos and they’re a not-so-affordable handbag brand that makes the most beautiful bags you’ll ever see!


Strathberry Jan 2015_site banners

Strathberry Jan 2015_site banners

Seriously, how stunning are these bags?! ❤

They come in 2 different styles and each one has 3 different sizes (and there are 10 different colours to choose from):

The Strathberry Tote

The regular one costs £475, which is about €608 / $685.
The Midi costs £395, which is around €505 / $570.
The Nano Tote costs £275, which is about €352 / $397.

The MC Bag

The MC Midi costs £375, which is around €480 / $540.
The MC Mini costs £275.
The MC Nano costs £195, which is about €250 / $281.

I know that good purses aren’t supposed to be affordable, but I wish they weren’t as expensive 😥 I seriously believe these are some of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen, they’re just so elegant, both classic and modern at the same time, and perfect for any type of look!

You can check out their website by clicking here.

What do you guys think of the bags? Do you share my opinion (and love) for them?


Alice ❤

15 thoughts on “New Found Love: Strathberry Of Scotland

  1. Saw these bags in person when I was recently traveling to Scotland. They are beautiful! I was tempted to buy two but I only got one the Strathberry Nano in Navy. It is GORGEOUS!!

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    1. Hi Samantha! Did you found a Strathberry store in Scoltand? Where was it? I can’t found any information on their website. I’m so tempted to buy a bag but I would like to see it in person. Thanks.

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    1. So do I! The price tag’s the only thing I dislike about them. I know they’re worth it, I just don’t have that amount of money to spend on a bag :/ xx

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      1. I get what you mean xD I’ve been good on make-up (not spending much money on it, that is) but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on a bag. I know it’s worth it but I can’t (maybe in a near future, though 😜). Xx

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      2. Haha I’ve been the opposite, very bad with spending. I could get that bag for all the money I’ve spent! I like quite a few bits for my money though so I struggle to spend lots on one thing. I agree in the future I will☺x

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      3. I think money was made to be spent so you’ve been doing your share 😉 I know that, right now, I’ve got far much more make-up than I need so I’ve been good. But I feel like spending a lot on clothes, though. Things are just too pretty! 😫😂

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      4. Haha well that’s made me feel better about spending☺ I have far too much makeup. More than I need so it’s time to stop. Oh I need some clothes. There’s no pretty stuff out over here at the minute though x

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