Favourite Youtubers – Updated

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂 Today I’m sharing with you an updated list of my favourite youtubers (you can read the original post here).

I’ve changed my youtube preferences a while back and discovered some new youtubers that I love – fun fact: they’re all British! Don’t take me wrong, I got a bit tired of the American ones, I realised their looks weren’t really for me, I found them a bit ‘fake; the British ones share much more natural looks (at least the ones I follow) – and, let’s be honest, they have a lovely accent!

Here are my faves:

♥ Fleur De Force

Fleur De Force

I absolutely love Fleur! I love her make-up looks and most of the outfits she shares. She gives amazing tips, shares some healthy recipes and does great reviews! You can check her channel here and she also has a vlogging channel, which you can check here.

Oh, and she wrote a book, is currently working on a second one, and launched her make-up line – which is sold at Feel Unique and has great, affordable products!

♥ Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill

Of course Jaclyn Hill is one of my faves! She shares great looks, amazing, pro tips, gives honest reviews about the products she both likes and dislikes, and has the funniest sense of humour! You can check her channel here 🙂

♥ Lily Pebbles

Lily Pebbles

I’ve only discovered Lily’s channel quite recently, around November, but I quickly became a regular viewer! I love her looks (both outfits and make-up) – they’re simple, quite neutral, and we like the same stuff. You can check out her channel by clicking here, but prepare yourself to spend hours watching her videos! 😛

♥ Anna – Vivianna Does Makeup


I discovered Anna’s channel around the same time I discovered Lily’s, which is funny because they’re very close friends. They have a similar style and their looks are usually quite similar, which is why I love both of them. You can check out her channel by clicking here but, as with Lily’s, prepare yourself to spend a long while watching her videos 😛

♥ Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge’s a professional make-up artist that works frequently with celebrities and fashion magazines all over the world! She’s also published a book about the history of make-up that I would love to read someday. You can check her channel here and be prepared for hundreds of videos with loads of pro, helpful tips!

♥ Suzie – Hello October


I like Suzie’s channel but I specially love her Instagram, the pictures she posts are gorgeous! Her channel is lovely, she shares quite a few Hauls and I love most of her make-up looks (winged liner and focus on the lips, stunning!). You can find her channel here 🙂

♥ Alex – I Covet Thee


As with Lily and Anna, Alex and Suzie are really close friends and I discovered them both around the same time. Alex’s looks are stunning –  they’re usually quite neutral with a bold lip – and she shares reviews on amazing products that I would love to try 😛 You can find her channel here.

♥ Tanya Burr

I’ve been watching Tanya’s channel for quite a while now and I love most of the looks she comes up with. Also, I quite like her vlogs and hauls, and she loves to bake so she often shares yummy recipes 🙂 I also quite like watching her husband’s – Jim Chapman – vlogs. You can check out Tanya’s channel here and Jim’s vlogging channel here.

What about you, guys? Which are your favourite youtubers? Do you watch any of these?


Alice ❤

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