The Power of Make-up: Part 1

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today’s post is about something that has been going on for a while in the whole Beauty Blogger/Youtube world – the power of make-up. Basically, you apply make-up to one side of your face and leave the other one bare so whoever’s reading/watching can see how big a difference the right make-up can make.

Quite simple, right? I thought this might be a fun post to do, since I had never done anything like it and my latest post was kind of on the same subject.

Following that same post, I wanted to do a look that was quite luminous and that made me look more awake – it’s Friday, the week has gone by and we are all in desperate need of looking less tired than we actually are, right?

However, I’m still choosing not to apply anything to my eyes, following my Lasik surgery. In theory, I could already apply anything I wanted to my eyes but I’m choosing to wait just a bit longer so I can be 100% sure I don’t mess things up.

That’s why this is Part 1, since I will upload another post like this when I’m able to apply make-up to my eyes. For this post, though, I wanted the focus to be on the skin: fresh, luminous, healthy-looking skin which is is even more perfect for Spring and Summer!

Also, I hate highlighters – my skin has some issues so it wouldn’t suit me anyway. If you, on the other hand, are fond of them, this is the sort of look that would look that tad bit better with some highlighter on 😉

I’m going to stop rambling now and leave you with the look 😛


As you can see, it makes such a difference! I’m having a bit of a breakout here so I really needed the make-up to even out my skin tone and cover-up some spots – and those huge dark circles under my eyes.

I absolutely had to fill in my brows a bit, because it’s bad enough that they look so hideous (I’ve been trying to grow them for the past 5 months), I needed to make them seem not as bad.

Also, some contour/bronzer for my skin to look healthier, like I’ve been out in the sun (it’s still pretty much Winter round here). And a touch of blush to also give the skin a healthier appearance.

As for lips, I used a lip pencil to cheat a bit on my upper lip, making it seem a tad fuller. Then I applied one of my favourite lipsticks and a lipgloss on top of that, only because I prefer a glossier lip for Spring / Summer.

Oh! Keep an eye out for Monday’s post because it will be about this make-up look (the finished one, that is 😛 ) 😉

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Alice ❤

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