Look 5 Years Younger In 5 Minutes

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with a few tricks that will instantly make you look 5 years younger – or, quite simply, bright and awake!

We all want to look our best, which can be difficult when half the week has gone by, you are tired and haven’t been getting enough sleep – most likely, the dark-circles have settled in, the skin is starting to look tired and restless, the eyes start puffing… And this weather doesn’t help!

This is where make-up can become you best friend. In only 5 minutes, you can make yourself look younger and more awake, like you’re not tired at all and are totally ready to conquer the world! Just like a real-life Instagram filter 😉

Moisturise before foundation!

This is such an important step! The trick here is more than a trick, is a mandatory step: provide moisture to your skin. Do not underestimate the rejuvenating power of a good moisturiser – it will instantly minimise those fine-lines and boost the glow from within situation. A moisturiser before foundation will restore the skin’s hydration barrier and make everything you apply afterwards look so much better!


The name of this product says it all, to be honest. Conceal everything you don’t like and apply a brightening concealer to the under-eye area to make it seem like you are totally awake (even if you’re about to fall asleep on the tube!) – and to the centre of the face to even things out.

Also, picking a foundation with yellow undertones instead of pink ones is a great way of warming up the skin and leave you looking younger!

Warm and cool undertones
Warm & Cool Undertones

Dark lippies make you seem older!

Sadly, they really do. I love me a good, dark, berry lip! Dark lipsticks (reds included), though they are totally badass and make you look bold and beautiful, simply don’t work well on tired-looking skin. Pick something a bit more pink – with either blue or red undertones, depending on what works best for you personally – to make you look fresher and more awake!

Say goodbye to powders!

Follow this rule: if you need a brush to apply it, then it’s no good. Meaning, nothing makes a girl look older and more tired than heavy powders. Cream, gel and liquid products are your best option! If you are combination/oily like me and have to apply powder so you don’t look like a greasy mess throughout the day, choose a translucent one.

Blush is your best friend!

So many women still use bronzer instead of blush to add a bit of colour to the face…! Bronzer actually tends to make you look older while a rosy or peach blush rejuvenates instantly! If you want to add some sort of contour to the look, as with the blush you pick, choose a cream product – looks much more natural 😉

Pop of colour in the eyes – yes, but carefully!

If you are one of those people who love colourful eyeshadow, this rule is especially made for you! Rather than a straight on blue (for example) eyeshadow, pick a colourful eyeliner instead or create a light smokey eye with a touch of colour. Cream or gel eyeshadows also work wonderfully at concealing the fine-lines in the eyes.

Forget black eyeliner!

This rule I could not follow. I haven’t been able to apply any eyeliner (nor eyeshadow, nor mascara) to my eyes for the past 3 moths because I had Lasik and it has been killing me! God knows how much I have been dying to draw me some winged-liner on me eyelids!

The thing is, you can still wear your eyeliner – you only have to pick a brown one instead of the traditional black. It has the same impact, same intensity, but in a softer way – if that makes sense. Black tends to make the eyes look heavier, which makes you look older.

And these are my tips! Do you act on any of these on a regular basis? I would love to know!


Alice ❤

2 thoughts on “Look 5 Years Younger In 5 Minutes

    1. I don’t think that either. I actually think dark lips don’t generally suit older women. But yes, I also tend to wear them more during Autumn / Winter. xx

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