Favourite Lip Colours (Updated)

Hello, lovelies!

Hope you are all doing well 🙂 Today I thought I would share with you my favourite lip colours. I did a similar post a very long while ago so I thought I would redo it, since I have since added many lippies to the list.

I love lipsticks! I must admit, though, that I do not have much patience for it so my favourite formulas are either lip stains or the sort of baumy lipstick that you can almost apply without watching what you are doing and that does not require too much attention throughout the day.

I am definitely not one of those people who is constantly checking if their lipstick is okay and reapplying it, making sure it is perfect…

That being said, I do have 15 lippies to share with you today 😛 I know it is quite a lot, and some of them might look fairly similar to you, but they are all very different in my eyes 😉

Considering how long my list is, I am going to stop rambling now and move on to the list itself!

1. All Lippies
All Lippies


Corals and Pinks

In order (left to right, top to bottom):

♥ ‘804 Pearly Watermelon’, Super Glossy Stylo, Kiko

♥ ‘Fanfare’ (Cremesheen Finish), MAC

♥ ‘Peach Blossom’ (Cremesheen), MAC

♥ ‘Written in the Stars’ Lipgloss, Fleur De Force

♥ ‘813 Apple Blossoms’, Super Glossy Stylo, Kiko

Pearly Watermelon is a true coral. I do not know why they named it after a watermelon – I find the fruit quite pink when compared to this lipstick colour. This, for me, is the perfect coral, since it has the perfect amount of pink and peach combined. Also, I love the formula of these Super Glossy Stylos, since they look, well, quite glossy, but also very natural, smell beautifully and are not sticky at all!

Fanfare is my favourite lip colour for Spring! I am not a fan of a strong pink lip, neither light nor bright, so I have trouble finding lipstick colours for this time of the year. Fanfare, for me, is perfect because it is a quite natural pink. As it has a cremesheen finish, you do have to reapply it a bit more often as it does not last very long on the lips. But, for me, that is not a problem since I love how it looks on the lips!

Peach Blossom is barely noticeable on the lips (which, for some, might be a waste of money on a lipstick) but, as I have mentioned before, is definitely not a problem for me. It is another perfect colour for Spring/Summer, mostly for those of us who are not fond of pink lips.

I just got Written in the Stars a bit over two weeks ago but it made it to this list as soon as I saw it in the packaging. I just knew it, since I absolutely love the colour. And when I swatched it… Then it became even more obvious to me! It is super pigmented (what you see in the picture with all the swatches, that was just one swatch!), very creamy and not sticky at all. Heaven!

Apple Blossoms is another lipstick that I do not get why it was named after an apple. This one, along with MAC’s Fanfare, are my pinks. I wore this one so much the past Summer… It is very easy to apply and the formulation is just like Pearly Watermelon‘s, which, again, I love! 🙂

Neutral / Browny / ‘Your Lips But Better’

In order (left to right, top to bottom):

♥ ‘Creme in Your Coffee’, MAC

♥ ‘Twig’, MAC

♥ ‘760 Garden Party’ Rouge Baume, Dior

♥ ’20 Dusty Rose’ Lip Stain, Sephora

♥ ‘Beurre’ Cremestick Lip Liner, MAC

Creme in Your Coffee is a colour that I love but do not wear often. It is a true YLBB colour, with loads of brown undertones to it , which is why I do not wear it as often as I would like to (I am just not used to see myself with a more browny lipstick). It is a cremesheen, so it does look a bit more shiny on the lips and one has to reapply it more often.

Oh, Twig! ❤ I was given this one for my birthday last year and it quickly became one of my favourite lipsticks ever! As Creme in Your Coffee, it is a YLBB colour, only this one is more on the pinky side, has more pink undertones to it, which makes it perfect for me! I am truly obsessed with it and, if you have been following my blog for about a year, you will have seen it quite a few times already 🙂

Garden Party is the newest one of the bunch. My mother-in-law was given one of these a while ago and we both loved it from the start. This year, she was generous enough to offer me one for my birthday and so I have been loving it for three weeks. It is a deep YLBB colour, with undertones more towards red. And since it is a Baume, it provides both moisture and colour to your lips so it really is the best of both worlds!

Oh, my! This is one of my absolute favourites! Sephora’s own brand lip stain in 20 Dusty Rose is heaven on Earth! This one is a mix of the perfect YLBB colour with a more berry-ish colour. Since it is a lip stain, it does not go anywhere throughout the day – it fades a little after a few hours but the stain lasts all day long. When I swatched it for the picture above, I swatched a bit after lunch and a stain remained on my hand until the very next day (and yes, I did wash my hands 😛 ).

I do not know why on Earth Beurre swatched so dark but it leaves you with a true ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip colour. I always get loads of compliments on my lip colour whenever I am wearing this one. The formula of these lip pencils is super creamy (they are called Cremestick Lip Pencils for a reason 😛 ), they are highly pigmented and last a very long time on the lips.

Deeper / Purply / Berry

In order (left to right, top to bottom):

♥ ’13 Plum Concentrate’ Lip Stain, Sephora

♥ ‘Amorous’, MAC

♥ ‘915 Mauve’ Smart Lipstick, Kiko

♥ ’09 Rose Stiletto’, Yves Saint Laurent

♥ ‘710 Rouge Noir’ Smart Lip Pencil, Kiko

Before jumping to the descriptions, just a heads-up: these are my favourite colours for lipsticks and I believe my love for them is going to be quite obvious so be warned 😛

Also, you can see on the swatches picture that it begins with ’16’, when it really should be ’11’. When I noticed my mistake, I had already saved the picture and was, therefore, too late to change it :-/

Plum Concentrate is the darkest lip colour I own. I love it! I do not wear it often at all because I feel it is a bit too dark for daytime and I do not go out at night 😛 But seriously, though, how gorgeous is it?! As I have mentioned before, the formulation for these Sephora lip stains is just perfect. As with Dusty Rose, I swatched this one a bit after lunch and I still had a stain left the following day. Since Plum Concentrate is darker than Dusty Rose, the stain I was left with was also a bit darker than the other one, and the colour was perfect for daytime!

Amorous was my first ever MAC lipstick. Of course, it just had to be a berry-coloured one! I have had it for a bit over four years now and I wear it almost every single day during Autumn and Winter. It has a Satin finish, which means it is a tad shinier than a Matte and a bit more matte than a Cremesheen, if it makes sense.

These smart lipsticks by Kiko changed my life! I just love the formula, it is perfect for me! It is sort of a baumy lipstick, that keeps your lips moisturised throughout the day while still providing colour (and highly pigmented!). My only problem with the range is that they did not come out with many colours but they had this one and a nude, slightly YLBB one, so what else could I ask for? 😉 Oh! And they are insanely affordable!

Oh! My first YSL lippie… Rose Stiletto is like a dark-raspberry colour, which goes against my ‘hate’ of pink lipsticks. But since it is such a gorgeous colour (and YSL), one is willing to ignore the pinkiness. I love the formula as well, since it has a Satin finish. And it is quite pigmented, which is another plus.

Do not get me started on Rouge Noir! I bought it because I fell in love with the colour straight away and because it was also insanely affordable. As Plum ConcentrateRouge Noir is a colour that I do not reach for often enough, since I find it to be a lip colour for the night-time and, as I mentioned before, I do not go out at night. I have to admit, though, that I may just wear this one during the day, on a day that I am feeling braver and bolder 😛


That is it for my favourite lippies! I would love to know which of these was your favourite! Also, tell me which is your favourite lip colour to wear 🙂

P.S. – Swatches for all of these will be uploaded next Friday 😉


Alice ❤

7 thoughts on “Favourite Lip Colours (Updated)

    1. Thanks 🙂 MAC and Kiko are my favourite brands when it comes to lipsticks (and make-up in general) so I believe their lippies are perfect for every single season, you just have to find the right shade for you 🙂 xx

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  1. Ai, gosto de todos!!!
    E somos iguais: também não me dou ao trabalho de ver como está o baton. xD às vezes como com baton posto e depois não vejo se preciso de reaplicar, principalmente quando estou na faculdade, ahah.
    O Amorous da MAC é super giro!


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    1. Não tenho mesmo paciência para andar a ver como está o batom e a reaplicá-lo :p o Amorous é lindo, um dos meus essenciais para o Outono/Inverno! Adoro a cor, a pigmentação e o acabamento ❤ xx


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