March Favourites

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? I cannot believe it is April already! I feel like March just flew by and so many things happened in my life – moved to another country, it was my birthday, Spring began…

I have quite a few favourites to share with you this month. If you read some of my latest posts, you will have already seen some of my favourite products for March featured in some of them. Still, I hope you enjoy this list and that you had a lovely month 🙂

Hair Trio

I mentioned these products on my Heavenly Hair Trio post so you can check that out for more information. I have been trying these products out for a bit over a month now and I absolutely love what they have been doing to my hair!

The detangler really detangles my hair while leaving it incredibly soft and not oily at all! The Curl Mousse gives definition to my curls while keeping them soft and light at the same time, which all one wants from such a product. And the hairspray also gives hold to my hairstyle while leaving it looking very natural and not sticky at all. Also, it smells amazing!


Real Techniques Brushes

I have mentioned these in my What I Got For My Birthday post so you can also read that for more details. I took advantage of a great discount FeelUnique was giving so I ordered these three brushes because I was in need of some new brushes and I had always wanted to try Real Techniques’ brushes.

I got a stippling brush that is perfect for foundation! It eaves my skin looking flawless, I cannot get enough of it! I also got a Blush Brush that I have been using for powder and a Sculpting Brush that I have been using – and loving! – for contour.

I could not be happier with my first Real Techniques purchase and I most definitely recommend their brushes!


Healthy Mix Foundation

Another product that I got for my birthday was the Healthy Mix Foundation, by Bourjois. I had tried the 1 2 3 Perfect a few years ago and loved it, and I have always heard great things about this foundation so I decided to give it a try.

I used to go for mattifying foundations because my skin was suuuuuuper oily but since I changed my skincare routine it all changed (for the better!). For those who do not know this, I took a Styling Course and we had a few lessons on Skincare and Make-up. Our teacher told us that the balance of water and oil in one’s skin should always be 50-50 and that my skin was so oily because I was not adding any water to it. I was only using mattifying products, which only withdrew water and made my skin overproduce oil.She then advised me on what products to buy and ever since then my skin has been improving so much!

I can now use a foundation like this one and only get a tad oily on my T-Zone after a few (few!) hours, which I never thought would be possible 🙂

Also, this one applied with the Real Techniques’ Stippling Brush I mentioned earlier is just heaven! Makes my skin look flawless ❤


Dior Baume

Again, I mentioned this lipstick in my What I Got For My Birthday post so you can read more about it there. This was, obviously, given to me on my birthday and I have been loving it everyday since. It is a deeper ‘Your Lips But Better’ type of colour, with more red undertones to it. On Wednesday’s post you will be able to see swatches of it so keep an eye out for that 😉


Purifying Facial Cleanser

Another product that I got for my birthday was this facial cleanser by bareMinerals. When I first opened it, I was a bit scared because it smelled awkwardly of a mixture of alcohol and lavender but I have been using it every night for the past three weeks and I love it.

Every other night, I rub two pumps of this on both my hands, apply it to my face in circular motions and then take my new facial cleansing device (one just like Clarisonic but more affordable 😛 What do you call them?) and massage it into the skin. I spend around 20 seconds on each cheek, another 20 on my nose and chin and another 20 on my forehead. I then rinse my face with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a towel.

It leaves my skin so soft!!! Also, it is causing some pimples to show up but that is a side-effect of these cleaning devices, means it is really cleaning the deeper layers of the skin.


This is another product that I got for my birthday and that I have been obsessing over for the past three weeks. I did not order this version of the mask (sleep-in), I ordered the regular one, but I got this one instead. I decided to give it a go and I am so happy I did.

Since I spent two months without applying any face masks at all (I know, I know, shame on me!), my skin was in desperate need of moisture so I started by applying this mask three to four times a week, just after washing my face with the bareMinerals cleanser and the facial cleansing device. Two weeks of this routine were enough to replenish the water that my skin had lost and then I began applying it only  twice a week, as I was doing before.

I always thought sleep-in masks would be awkward to, well, sleep-in, I thought it would be messy and leave your pillowcase dirty and sticky. That is not the case at all with this one! Have you tried any sleep-in face masks? Are they sticky and weird to sleep-in?

That is all for my March Favourites! I would love to know the products you loved this past month and if you have tried any of these 🙂


Alice ❤

5 thoughts on “March Favourites

    1. Eu para os olhos estou servida, e agora ainda não posso usar sombras por causa da operação :/ os pincéis são realmente fantásticos! Aconselho-te a experimentar 😉 xx


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