Style Inspiration: The 50s (And How They Influence Today’s Fashion)

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with another post for the ‘Style Inspiration’ series, this time featuring my favourite Fashion period ever: the 50s! I think 50s style is simply stunning, women dressed so well during those years… And it is amazing how many of those characteristics are still visible today (mostly thanks to Mad Men, it brought the 50s back to today)!

Today I am going to share with you some pictures from back then, side by side with looks and pieces that you can buy today (and still look super trendy!). I found a great brand that sells gorgeous 50s-inspired clothes, shoes and accessories: ModCloth. Just click here and allow yourself to be amazed by all the pieces there, I know I have!

Unlike 40s fashion (still overly influenced by the war), the 50s returned to a trend-focused culture dictated by the runway influences of Parisian couture, with names like Christian Dior Jacques Fath, Hubert Givenchy, Christobal Balenciaga and Coco Chanel as the most famous fashion designers.

Even though each designer contributed in his/her own way to the history books and influenced 50s fashion, most part of the decade was truly the time to dress like a proper lady, in a waist-accentuating A-line dress, colourful and full midi skirts and tight-knit sweaters. For teens, it was an era for the classic ‘princess’ prom dress!

I genuinely hope you like this post, I know I do 🙂

Accentuated Waist


The Shirt Dress


Floral Dress



Full Midi Skirt


Polka Dots



Romantic Side (Lace, Transparencies and Light Colours)


Bows On The Neck Area


Fine Knit Jumpers


High-Waisted Trousers


Gorgeous Shoes


Sling Back Pumps




Cat-eye Sunglasses


Frame Bag

The Frame Bag


What do you guys think? Would you wear any of these? Also, if you do, did you know it all started in the 50s?


Alice ❤

13 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: The 50s (And How They Influence Today’s Fashion)

  1. Oh, também é uma das épocas que mais adoro!
    Agora já não há, mas havia no Porto uma loja chamada Ekstra que tinha uma onda EMO mas que ao mesmo tempo tinha vestidos deste género! Ainda cheguei a comprar alguns, mas agora já não me servem, ahah.
    Adoro que seja tudo saias e vestidos e ainda bem que já se vê muito disto novamente! É uma óptima altura para encher (ainda mais) o guarda-vestidos!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sim, é sempre uma boa altura para encher o guarda-roupa xD eu adoro as roupas desta época, e os poucos vestidos que compro são quase todos mais ou menos deste género. E este ano ando à caça de uma saia midi, que também se usava muito nos anos 50 e agora (felizmente!) voltou a estar na moda 🙂 xx


      1. I feel you! Eu tenho uma preta bem gira, uma branca de renda para o Verão e adora comprei uma também branca em tule com bolinhas para usar nos meus anos. Eu só gostava que elas fossem mais baratas, ahah.

        Liked by 1 person

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