Bake With Me: Birthday Muffins! (Special Post)

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you are all having a lovely week 🙂 I thought I would upload a special post today, showing you the muffins I baked for my birthday and sharing the recipe with you, in case you wanted to recreate them. I can assure you, they taste heavenly and are quite easy to make 🙂

First of all, let me show you my inspiration for these “Birthday Muffins”

0. Inspiration

My mum sent me this picture of these muffins she baked and I thought they looked so yummy that I wanted to recreate them myself, with some other toppings. Seriously, though, how gorgeous do these look?

On to the recipe!

1. All ingredients

These are all the ingredients you will need:

♥ 3 tea cups of self-raising flower

♥ 4 tablespoons of sugar

♥ 50 grams of unsalted butter

♥ 1 and 1/2 cups of milk

♥ 3 whole eggs

You add all your ingredients to a mixing bowl and stir it well (a kitchenaid would be incredibly helpful at this point).

Then you add whatever you want to your muffins. I chose berries, caramel/fudge cubes and a mix of three chocolates (dark, white and milk). Some other options would be:

♥ Chocolate Chips

♥ Nuts

♥ Fruit (any fruit you like, either in slices or little pieces)

♥ Jam

♥ Honey

(I did not actually bake them in the paper cups, they were just for decoration at this point.)

5. Before going in

Fill about 3/4 of your muffin pans with the dough, add your toppings and, before going in the oven, your muffins should look something like this 🙂


And after…

6. Ready!

After only about 20 minutes at 190 ºC, this is what you get! I know, I know, they do not look as pretty as mum’s but they still look okay…right?  🙂

(They rose quite alright but the paper cups were a couple of sizes too big for them 😛 )

10. With Candle

And there you have it, guys! My birthday muffins… What do you think? Let me know if you recreate them 🙂


Alice ❤

7 thoughts on “Bake With Me: Birthday Muffins! (Special Post)

    1. Então força, vai recriar estes que são uma delícia! 😉
      Eu sou tão gulosa que tenho de me forçar a não fazer doces senão viro bola xD
      Mas estes são óptimos porque levam pouco açúcar, por isso fazem menos mal :p


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