Getting Lasik (Laser Eye Surgery)

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with a post that probably does not mean much to many of you but it is on a subject that is close to my heart: getting Lasik!

As I mentioned before, I had Lasik last January. It was something I had never thought of doing (I mean, I had thought about it but discarded the idea straight away) but last Autumn I decided I wanted to get it done. It would mean not having to spend so much money on glasses and lenses ever again, and being able to see without help from an object sounded more like a dream than something to dread.

So I had an appointment at the hospital in my hometown (which is known for great ophthalmology department), had to get a few tests done to see if it could be performed on my eyes and, since everything was okay, the doctor enrolled me for the surgery. But then there was a problem with the laser machine and I ended up having to wait a couple of months to get the surgery (otherwise it would have happened in a matter of days).

I was prescribed a couple of eye drops that I was to start applying to the eye that I was having the surgery on a couple of days prior to the surgery. Then it was time for the procedure itself. To be honest, I was quite nervous (even though my mum had had it done there and everything had gone great). The nurse gave me a sleeping/relaxing pill about an hour and a half before the surgery but it still did not calm my nerves. When they called my name for the procedure, I was incredibly anxious – both with excitement and nerves.

It ended up being rather quick, it only took about 4 to 5 minutes, but there were some weird things being done to my eye! After that, I had to wait for another hour or so in an almost dark room, so that the eye could rest for a while and for the doctor to get the time to check in on me. When he did, he said everything was fine and I went home. Spent that afternoon napping (the pill they gave me that morning did its job in the afternoon 😛 ) and that evening I already managed to watch TV.

The next morning I had to go back for the doctor to check my eye again. It was very funny because I could see everything clearly from one eye but not from the other. And while we were driving I was very happy, telling my boyfriend how I could read the license plate from the car in front of ours. And he said “but that easy, it’s right in front of you”. But it was not easy at all because, as I told him, I could not read it with the other eye (that is how bad my eyesight was)!

The doctor said my eye was looking a bit dry and that I needed to apply more eye drops . On the appointments after, he kept telling me the same thing but, since he had already told me a few times, I started applying them every 15 minutes when I should be applying them every 2 hours. But he still thought my eyes seemed dry so I had to change the drops I was applying to some stronger ones.

But that was it, really. I am so glad I had Lasik done! It is amazing to be able to see! Incredibly weird, though. Specially seeing myself without glasses (I started wearing them when I was 9!), I am still adjusting to that. But I recommend this procedure to everyone who needs it! I cannot rave about it enough, that feeling you get when you wake up and can see the world as it is, as soon as you open your eyes.

I still laugh at myself sometimes because I often try to remove my non-existing glasses or think to myself ‘Alice, you silly, why haven’t you got your glasses on?’ And then comes the ‘Ohhh, right!’ 😛 But the feeling of being able to see everything clearly is worth anything 🙂


Alice ❤

9 thoughts on “Getting Lasik (Laser Eye Surgery)

    1. Well, I think everyone’s eyesight deteriorates with time. But I did all the tests necessary and the doctor gave me the green light so I just had to get it done! Have you tried talking to another doctor, to get another opinion? It must be terrible to want this procedure done and not be able to 😟 xx

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    1. I recommend it, 100%! Regarding my vision, it took a stabilize but only the letters that were smaller and closer. I could read normal letters at an average distance (like subtitles on the TV) properly the very next day! But even now it’s hard for me to read a book for a while and it has almost been 2 months. But I was told this is normal so I’m not too worried 🙂
      You should check in with your doctor and see if you’re good to go. If you are, I honestly cannot recommend this procedure enough 🙂

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      1. I’ve been researching and asking friends who have had it done for awhile, but because everyone has a different experience, I always ask them about it! If I had the money today, I’d be getting it done tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! ❤️

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      2. No problem 🙂 I was very fortunate to have been able to get it done for free, since I got it done at a public hospital in Portugal (where you don’t pay for cirguries). I wouldn’t be able to pay for it so I know what you mean 😟 all the people I know that got it done are very pleased with the result ☺ xx

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