Looking Forward To – Spring & Summer Fashion

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Since with March comes Spring, and we can already see the new collections everywhere we go, today I leave you with the Fashion trends for Spring and Summer. Also, this marks the beginning of another new ‘series’ here on Alice’s Wonderland, where I will tell you all about tendencies and launches to look forward to whenever there are opportunities to do so. Hope you like it 🙂

Chequered Skirts (and everything, really)

Victoria Beckham

I am so thrilled that this is a trend for Spring & Summer! I love everything with a check pattern! Just look at that first look from Blanco, the long black and white skirt with the black top… How perfect is that? And you can get a check pattern in pretty much any colour you want, nowadays. If you want to give it a try but are unsure of what to buy (or just do not like chequered skirts), you can always start with a shirt or a scarf and still look fabulous and trendy!


Solid Stripes

This is another personal favourite of mine. I love geographic prints, specially stripes and specially if it is black and white! Also, stripes are an easy way of giving the illusion of having a different body type: vertical stripes make you seem taller while horizontal ones make you appear larger.



This is another favourite of mine. I love nudes and transparencies so thank goodness they are a trend this year! But from feathers to ruffles, pastels, cream, chiffon and sheer details, they all add up to the sort of earnestly pretty looks that make even the most cynical fashion girl swoon – I know I have (that Carolina Herrera dress has stolen my heart!).


While ruffles are still part of the ‘romantic’ category, they also represent the Spanish influence that has taken over the Fashion world. Moreover, both of them are a huge thing this Spring and Summer!

Here you can also see another trend for the next season, which is the shoulder show-off: anywhere you go, does not matter which brand, you will see a lot of dresses, tops, tees and blouses that will leave your shoulders out, just like that white one from Blanco.



Burberry Prorsum, Rochas, Pucci and Celine
Burberry Prorsum, Rochas, Emilio Pucci and Celine

Personally, I am not fond of this trend. I know it is supposed to be Art and Fashion and all is permitted, but (again, this is only my opinion) it looks like lingerie and you should not wear your nightgown outdoors, as a dress. But yeah, this is a huge thing this year and pretty much every brand has a few dresses and some tops that look like lingerie…


Flower Prints

Now, this one I like! Flower prints have been a thing for a while and this year they are back. From huge flowers to smaller ones, from nudes to bright colours, you can get them in every shape, size and colour, from any brand you like!

You can also see on these pictures two more trends for Spring/Summer 2016: sequins and bombers!



All the glimmers is not necessary gold. The sparkle of choice for this Spring is definitely blingy but you can get it in pretty much any colour you like. The only rule is that you have something sequiny and rock it this Spring! 😉


Bomber jackets

I must admit, I do not like bomber jackets at all, do not own a single one. They have been a thing for a while… They were a huge thing a while ago, then every season each brand had only a few of them, but this season they are back. Personally, I do not understand why (I think they make everybody seem much larger then they really are, like they are wearing a massive sac of potatoes), but if you like them, you are lucky 🙂





Ever since Burberry started embroidering the client’s initials on their backpacks, it became a huge thing. Now, it is not only good for your back to carry a backpack, it also makes you quite fashionable!

Massive Earrings


Another trend that is not for me… I do not like long earrings at all, I prefer those that stay close to my ear and do not go farther than my earlobe.


And I am also not fond of tiaras and think I would look ridiculous if I decided to go about my day with a tiara on my head 😛


What is your favourite trend for Spring/Summer 2016? I would love to know! 🙂


Alice ❤

12 thoughts on “Looking Forward To – Spring & Summer Fashion

    1. Tell me about it! Here is super cold as well and has been raining (and even snowing!) quite a lot. I’m seriously hoping that at least for my birthday I get a bit of sunshine around here :p But I’m loving these trends for Spring/Summer!! xx

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      1. The only thing I have planned is that I’m going to bake some muffins as my birthday “cake” :p Otherwise, I’ll see what the day has in store for me 🙂 I haven’t stocked up with new items yet but I plan to do so very soon 😉 What about you?
        Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend 🙂 xx

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