Style Inspiration: Elementary’s Joan Watson (Lucy Liu)

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I thought I would begin a new series here on the blog: style inspirations! Since I love Fashion, style and seeing someone who is well-dressed, I thought this was a great idea for a new series of posts, which will be up once a month.

I had this idea while watching the TV Show Elementary (modern day adventures of Sherlock Holmes and, in this case, Joan Watson), because Lucy Liu’s character (Watson) is always impeccably dressed.

I would describe her style as modern-classic, chic, with loads of black and white (for me, this is heaven!), but I will leave you with some of her looks so you can see what I mean 🙂

I just LOVE her style! Those black and white dresses, and the plated, black and white midi-skirt with the dotted black and white tee… You name it! I think it is simply stunning ❤

What do you guys think of her style? And how do you feel about this new ‘series’ here at Alice’s Wonderland?


Alice ❤


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