Worst Beauty Products of 2015

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? On today’s post I give you my thoughts on the worst products of 2015. As on the previous post, this list consists of products I purchased last year, that might not have been launched in 2015. Fortunately, the list is not long at all!

1: Hydrating Masks For Hands & Feet

1 - Hydrating Masks for Hands and Feet
Hydrating masks for hands and feet

I wrote a post on these masks a few months ago (you can read it here) but, going right to the point, they did not work at all, either of them! I do not know if it is these specific two that do nothing at all or if all masks like these are like that – let me know if you do. It was a complete waste of money so thank goodness they were not expensive.


2: Kiko’s Skin Tone Corrector Primer (Green)

2 - Green Primer, Kiko
Skin tone corrector primer (green), Kiko

Another product that did not work at all was this skin tone corrector by Kiko. I bought in when my skin was a bit more red (hence the green tone, to counteract the redness), hoping that it would hide away the redness while not turning me into Princess Fiona! Well, it did neither. The redness was still there and I could swear I could see a hint of green, even underneath my foundation. So you understand why it just had to make it to this list!


3: Kiko’s Dark Circle Tone Eraser (Orange)

3 - Orange Concealer, Kiko
Dark circle tone eraser (orange), Kiko

Another failed purchase was this orange dark circle tone eraser by Kiko. Again, I bought it with the hope of counteracting the blue circles under my eyes (hence the orange tone), but it obviously did not work at all. Not only did it not take care of the dark circles, I could also see the orange even after applying my make-up. I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone!

And there you have it, guys! My list of the worst products of the year… I would love to know yours! And also, have you tried any of these?


Alice ❤

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