Colour Correcting – Does It Work?

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I bring you more Kiko products. I know, I know, you must be tired of them by now, but I promise they are the last ones!

I few months ago I decided to try a few colour correcting products to see if they actually worked as well as people claimed they did. So I went to Kiko (you know my budged does not allow me to buy elsewhere at the moment..) and discovered two products I wanted to try:




The first one was this green primer that was supposed to counter the redness on my face. And I say ‘was supposed to’ because it did not work on me at all! Also, as my skin is incredibly oily, I found that my face was getting way more shiny than usual whenever I used this primer. So I have never touched it again since…

I am guessing it could work on someone who has normal to dry skin (if you are the latter, I am guessing you will still need a very moisturising foundation on top of this primer). But for those of us who are oily, it is not a good product to be spending precious money on!



Then I also wanted to try this orange concealer to counter the blue circles under my eyes but, yet again, I found this to be a complete waste of money since it did not work on me at all!

I tried it by itself, with my regular concealer on top and it did not work either way. I noticed that I could always see the orange piercing through and it was not a look I could rock!

Which means: none of these products work! I find it sooooo annoying when I spend money on things and they do not work…!!! But lesson learnt, my friends. Never again will I buy products like these unless I see the results on someone I trust.

Have you guys tried any products like these? Have they worked?


Alice ❤

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