Some Amazing Christmas Jumpers

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you had a lovely week 🙂 Today I leave you with something I am kind of – ever so slightly – obsessed with: Christmas Jumpers!!! 😀

As I have mentioned before, I absolutely love Christmas! Combine that with Jumpers and gorgeous patterns and I just cannot handle the amount of cuteness!

So I leave you with some of my favourites this year, though I am missing one of my favourites in this post because it is from Primark and their website is rubbish :-/

Topshop, 38

I love this one, it is so funny 😛 It is from Topshop and costs €38 / $43 / £28.


Asos, 26

This one is also pretty funny, but not as much as the previous one. It is from Asos and costs €26 / $29 / £19.


Asos, 30

Again, another funny one. This one is from Asos and costs €30 / $34 / £22.


Asos, 32 2

I hate pink and red together but I really like the message on this one 🙂 It is also from Asos and costs €32 / $36 / £23.


Asos, 32

This one is quite simple but I love everything about it, from the colours to the shape. It is, again, from Asos and costs €32 / $36 / £23.


Asos, 38

Another quite simple one that is really pretty. It is also from Asos (sorry, they do have the best Christmas Jumpers) and costs €38 / $43 / £28.


Asos, 44

This one is soooo pretty!!! It is from (drum roll please) Asos and costs €44 / $50 / £32.


Asos, 46

This one is not really a jumper but it is also very festive and pretty. It is from Asos and costs €46 / $52 / £34.


Asos, 51 3

How cute are these matching Christmas Jumpers?! ❤ They are from Asos and cost €51 / $57 / £37.


hm 20

This jumper does not scream Christmas but I think it can pass as a Christmas jumper. It is from H&M and costs €20 / $23 / £15.


hm 30 2

This one is the typical Christmas Jumper, I love it! It is from H&M as well and costs €30 / $34 / £22.


hm 30

Again, I also think this one is gorgeous! It is from H&M and costs €30 / $34 / £22 as well.

*Primark 22

The only one I could find on Primak’s website! I do think it is a gorgeous Christmas Jumper and I love that it has bells (and lights) on it! It costs €22 / $25 / £16.

I would love to know which of this is your favourite! And also, do you own any Christmas Jumpers?


Alice ❤


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