November Faves!

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing today? I cannot believe it is December already! Seems like it was only a couple of months ago that I was putting up the Christmas tree and now it is that time of the year again. I must admit, though: it is one of my favourite times of the year! I just love everything to do with Christmas!
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Anyway, enough with the rambling and on to the favourites!

Starting with fashion:


I have been wearing these black booties sooo much for the past month! They have a fairly chunky heel that is not very high, which makes them perfect for everyday. Also, those little silver buckles make them a bit more edgy and stylish. And they go with pretty much everything: jeans, skirts, dresses… I just love them!



Another thing I have pretty much been living on is this cozy jumper. Honestly, you might think that it is itchy but I swear it is the softest jumper in the world! And I love the colour of it as well, it is a mixture of dusty old pink and kind of a burnt dark orange/brick colour. It is a win-win situation with this one: suits my complexion incredibly well and it is super warm and cozy! What else could I ask for? 😉



I have also been loving this giant scarf lately. I have had it for about four years now and every Winter I fall back in love with it. It is burgundy (which is one of my favourite colours), big, soft and has this gorgeous pattern to it.


On to skincare:


I have been obsessed with this toner, you have no idea. I have raved about it in a previous post (here), it is honestly the best toner I have ever tried! My skin has been great ever since I started using it!



My skin has been dry for this past month (I hardly believe it myself but it is true) so I have been using more hydrating products lately because, though I loved that I was not a greasy mess anymore, the dry patches were driving me crazy! So yup, I have been pretty much bathing in this stuff quite a few times a day 🙂



I have also already raved about this product a while ago but I have been using it more and more since it started getting cold. I just apply it before going to bed at night and wake up with soft lips 🙂


And make-up:


If you saw my previous post, you will know about this palette. I have had it for the past month and these have been pretty much the only eyeshadows I have been applying. The colour selection is perfect, the formulas as well, it is, quite honestly, the best eyeshadow palette ever! ❤



I discovered this on my make-up box at the end of October. Really, I did not remember I had this at all! I was probably given this sample-size mascara a few months ago on a trip to Sephora but I had forgotten all about it. It is the Smoky Extravagant by Make Up For Ever. It is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried! It does it all: lengthens, separates, curls and adds plenty of volume!

The only thing I do not like much about it is the shape of the wand. I find that I always end up with mascara on my lid and I hate that. But, overall, it is a fantastic product!


What about you, guys? Which were your favourite products for the month of November? I would love to know!


Alice ❤

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