The Amazing Zoeva ‘Naturally Yours’ Eyeshadow Palette

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Hope you had a lovely weekend! Today I bring you one of my new obsessions: the ‘Naturally Yours’ eyeshadow palette from Zoeva!

I had been saving money to purchase this most perfect pair of shoes I fell in love with but my friend Marta from Majestic (go check out her amazing blog if you have not done so already, it is girly and pink and beautiful) took me to a gorgeous little make-up boutique here in Lisbon called Kitchen Makeup (check them out here) and I fell in love with sooooo many things! Though I did not buy anything that day (I was debating on whether to acquire shoes or make-up), of course I went back for this palette.

I love eyeshadows, particularly those that can be used either for an everyday or an evening look, depending on what you do with them. And neutrals, I love me some neutrals! So you can see why I could not help myself and had to buy this gorgeous palette!


  1. Pure: this is a matte eyeshadow that is the perfect colour for both the base or the crease, depending on your skin tone. For me, it is the perfect base colour!
  2. Soft & Sexy: this eyeshadow has a satin to matte finish and, again, depending on your skin tone, it is perfect for a base or to add a bit more definition to the crease. For me, it will most definitely be the latter!
  3. Smooth Harmony: this eyeshadow is stunning! It is the true rosegold, since it has a rose base with gold shimmer running through. It reminds me almost of a duo-chrome eyeshadow, since you can definitely see both the rose and the gold.
  4. Forever Yours: another gorgeous eyeshadow! This one also reminds me of those duo-chrome eyeshadows since you can see the reddish-brown base with the silvery-green shimmer running through. It is a hard colour to describe but it is absolutely gorgeous!
  5. Slow Dance: a warm, dark brown with a matte finish.



6. First Love: this matte eyeshadow is the one I will be using the least out of all of them since it is a bit too light for my skin tone. On someone that is a bit more fair, this will be the perfect base colour and it will also work great as an inner corner/brow highlighter for someone who is a tad darker than me.

7. Casual Elegance: not much to say about this eyeshadow other than that it is the true gold/champagne shade.

8. Sweet Sound: this eyeshadow reminds me of Makeup Geek’s Cocoa Bear, only this one is quite shimmery and a tad darker.

9. Lovely Monday: this, I believe, is the shimmery version of eyeshadow #5 (Slow Dance).

10. Timeless Chic: I would describe this eyeshadow as a very dark, matte grey, though on the swatches they have on the website looks completely black.

The positives:

  • The colours are gorgeous!
  • The quality is terrific! They are highly pigmented, blend very nicely and you do not get much fallout.
  • The price is very friendly: it was €20,50 / $23,15 / £15 , which is a total of around €2 / $2,30 / £1,50 an eyeshadow! How amazing is that?!
  • The packaging: it is aesthetically pleasing and travel-friendly.

The negatives:

They are not really negatives, I suppose.

  • If it was just for me, I would swap that First Love (the lightest eyeshadow in the palette) for a colour that I would actually use but I can see why it is there and I am sure it will be useful for many people.
  • It would be nicer if it had a mirror but then the price might go up and it might not be as travel-friendly.

Overall score: 10/10!

You can find more information about it on the website or by clicking here.

What do you guys think of this little palette? Would you buy it?


Alice ❤

13 thoughts on “The Amazing Zoeva ‘Naturally Yours’ Eyeshadow Palette

  1. First of all, I love the compact design and the marble effect of the box and the eye shadow colours look so lovely and serene. Best to be used as an all time wear. Last but not least, the swatches are so pretty as well.

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